The Best of Emelia Jacksons Baking Tips and Tricks

Ever wondered how the pro’s seem to always have a trick up their sleeve to make sure their baking creation is always a success? Emelia Jackson is here to give us the insider knowledge on the easy tricks and simple hacks you can use to help bring your delicious desserts to life!

How to get flat cake layers

Ever wondered how professional bakers get such flat cakes, perfect for stacking? In the video below, Emelia shows us how!

Making a layer cake

Now that you’ve mastered a perfect flat cake, its time to stack! Follow along with Emelia as she shows us how to stack your cakes, crumb coat, and ice your masterpiece.

Bringing your ingredients to room temperature

Forgot to take the butter and eggs out of the fridge? Emelia is here to show us how to get our ingredients to room temperature quickly.

Preventing cracks in a Cheesecake

Emelia gives us insight into a baking masters simple hack to ensuring a cheesecake doesn’t crack when cooling.

The easiest way to line a baking tin

Achieve perfect lining of your baking tin every time with this simple tip from Emelia.

Achieve a nice and even Cheesecake base with a flat glass

No need for special tools to achieve a flat base, Emelia shows us just how easy it is with a glass!

Jazz up your cheesecake with this easy tip

There’s nothing like fresh berries or organic vanilla beans to elevate your baking. Follow along below to find out how you can do this at home!

Making a biscuit crumb crust without a food processor

No need for fancy appliances, Emelia gives us insight into just how simple it is to create your crumb crust with just a ziplock bag and rolling pin.

Splitting a Vanilla Bean

Sometimes those vanilla beans can prove a little bit of a challenge, but Emelia keeps it simple with this trick.

Choosing the perfect Vanilla to your bake

The Queen Vanilla range caters to every baking moment, but how do you know which one to use, and when? Emelia takes us through the the range in the video below.

More recipes in our Sweet & Simple Masterclass!

Keen for more tips and tricks from Emelia Jackson? Follow along with her Sweet and Simple Masterclass to learn more!

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