Queen Vanilla Masterclass

Very few spices have a history as exotic as vanilla. From orchid flower, to bean, to bottle, download our free Vanilla Masterclass eBook to reveal the long history, growing regions, tasting notes & baking secrets to the world’s most beautiful flavour – vanilla!

We’ve grown from our humble origins in Vanilla essence into a modern baking brand that offers a Vanilla for every occasion. From professional cake decorators and chefs to foodies and home bakers, Queen Vanilla is loved for its strength, quality and ability to make any recipe that extra bit special. We grow only the best, we bottle only the best.

A commitment to Vanilla that is fair, ethical and sustainable

Queen is committed to the fair, ethical and sustainable sourcing of Vanilla. Our long history in Vanilla production means we have seen first hand the impact of natural weather events on this precious crop and the lives of the families that grow it. Through our Vanilla programs that educate, support and empower Vanilla farmers, you can be assured that when you purchase Queen Vanilla, you are helping thousands of growers around the world and making vanilla production more sustainable for the future. Join us on our Vanilla journey.


Which Vanilla do I choose?

Take a look at the handy table below to discover the best vanilla type for your recipes.

Organic Vanilla Bean Paste

Made with pure organic vanilla beans, our Vanilla Bean Paste with Seeds gives a strong vanilla flavour and visual appeal of vanilla bean seeds to desserts and baking. One teaspoon of this paste has the flavour of a whole vanilla bean, meaning it is an ideal substitute when a recipe calls for a whole vanilla bean. It can also be used 1:1 to replace our Vanilla Extract in baking and desserts to give a much stronger, delicious Vanilla flavour.


Use in any recipe where a vanilla bean pod is called for. Also ideal for crème brulee, panna cotta, pavlova, buttercream icing, whipped cream and for making baked treats taste extra special.

Natural Vanilla Extract

Made with pure vanilla beans, our Natural Vanilla Extract has a sweet, syrupy consistency. This vanilla is ideal for use in applications where no heat is used, such as icings, drinks and whipped cream. It works perfectly in classic baking recipes as well.


Great for icings, cakes and slices.

Natural Organic Vanilla Essence-Extract

Made with pure organic vanilla beans using our original recipe for over 100 years, this product is a true vanilla extract but we keep the word 'essence' on the label as this is what the old family favourite recipes call for. It is ideal for recipes where the alcohol content is cooked off such as cakes, biscuits and everyday baking.


Great for everyday baking recipes such as pancakes, scones and biscuits.

Natural Vanilla Concentrated Extract

Made from pure vanilla beans, our Natural Vanilla Concentrated Extract means only half a teaspoon is needed in place of a whole teaspoon of regular Queen Vanilla Extract. Thicker in texture and giving an intense Vanilla flavour and aroma, this extract is ideal for baking and desserts.


Perfect for sponge cakes, meringue, French toast, yoghurt and ice cream recipes.

Celebrating 120 Years – Our Master Blended Pure Vanilla Extract

To celebrate our 120th Anniversary, we have master blended this beautiful vanilla extract, inspired by the original Queen Vanilla you’ve grown up with. This incredibly special, limited edition pure vanilla extract culminates our long heritage in vanilla. Heady and fragrant, this vanilla extract combines the spice and floral notes of Tahitian vanilla, together with wood and chocolate from prized Madagascan vanilla beans.


Worthy of your very best baking! Perfect for most recipes.

Fairtrade Vanilla Extract with Seeds

Our Fairtrade Vanilla Extract with Seeds is part of our commitment to the ethical sourcing and long term viability of the vanilla industry. This extract gives a classic vanilla flavour to everyday baking and desserts. While not as strong as our Vanilla Bean Paste, it dresses up everyday baking.


Best for cupcakes, shortbread, custards, yoghurt and gelato.

Queen Finest Single Origin Vanilla Extracts

Our Queen Finest range features single origin Vanilla Extracts from regions such as Vava'u and Madagascar. Our proprietary 100 year old extraction technique allows us to capture the unique flavour profiles of Vanilla beans from these regions. They're ideal for all baking applications but especially recipes where the subtleties of the unique Vanilla flavours can shine through.


Ideal when a unique Vanilla flavour is hero to the dish such as chantilly cream, crème anglaise, ice cream or creamy savoury sauces for pasta and seafood.

Organic Vanilla Bean Pods

Our Organic Vanilla Bean Pods give a fragrant Vanilla flavour to your baking and desserts. Used whole to infuse creams and poaching liquids or extract the seeds for use in baking and desserts. To extract the seeds, place bean on a chopping board and slice down the centre with a sharp knife , then scrape out the seeds.


Perfect for poached fruit, special occasion desserts and custards.

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