Introducing our Queen Choc Flavouring Pastes

Meet the Queen Choc Flavouring Pastes! Made with real cocoa and natural flavours, they’re the new & easy way to bake and decorate with the deep rich flavour of chocolate. Queen Choc Flavouring Pastes take buttercream, cakes and icing to the next level of chocolatey goodness with one easy squeeze.

Simply squeeze in your favourite icings, desserts and bakes for a delicious chocolatey twist. 


Our Choc Pastes come in three decadent flavours. Natural Choc, White Choc and Dark Choc. Without the mess of cocoa powder or the hassle of melting chocolate, turn your favourite Easy Fluffy Pancakes, or Just Because Vanilla Cupcakes into a chocolatey delight with 1 – 2 tbsp of Natural Choc Flavouring Paste.





Turn your favourite tried and true recipes into a chocolate version without the hassle. Why not try adding a squeeze to our Buttercream, and Just Because Vanilla Cupcakes!


Our buttercream recipe is sweet, fluffy and delicious! Simply add 1 tbsp. of your favourite Natural Choc Flavouring Paste to your buttercream mixture. The firm consistency of this buttercream makes it perfect for everyday decorating and layering in between cakes.



Sweet and simple, our Just Because Vanilla Cupcakes are a kitchen classic. Simply add 2 tbsp. of your favourite Natural Choc Flavouring Paste into your batter when mixing the wet ingredients, for the ultimate chocolatey cupcake.



Discover more recipes you can easily add our Natural Choc Flavouring Paste to, like our Easy White Chocolate Mousse, Easy Fluffy Pancakes, and our Simple Dark Chocolate Crackle Cookies.














Layer all your favourite chocolatey flavours in our Simple Triple Chocolate Layer Cake.

Once you’ve mixed up your three cake batters, add a squeeze of each choc paste to your bowls and mix them through. Don’t forget to layer in your chocolatey buttercream between each cake for an ultra-indulgent showstopper!

For the full recipe, follow along with our Simple Triple Chocolate Layer Cake.



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