Introducing our Queen Victoria Concentrated Vanilla Extract

The Queen brand was inspired by Queen Victoria’s love for Vanilla, and today is synonymous with the very best Vanilla in the world.

What better way to celebrate our namesake than with the most incredible Vanilla Extract in her honour.

Established in 1897, the name ‘Queen’ was inspired by Queen Victoria’s love for vanilla. For many years, Queen Victoria’s profile graced the side of every Queen bottle as a nod to our namesake.

With her love of vanilla and all things sweet, we have crafted our highest class of vanilla extract in her honour. This beautiful, real vanilla extract represents the great vanilla empire of Queen and is truly worthy of your most special occasions.

Presented in a beautiful royal blue box and glass bottle, this incredible vanilla extract also makes for a truly special gift to your favourite baker.

Pure vanilla beans sourced from the finest growing regions in the world, have been master blended to create a vanilla extract worthy of bearing this great monarch.

Queen Victoria Concentrated Vanilla Extract with Seeds is a rich, concentrated extract with a thick and syrupy consistency, with added vanilla bean seeds speckled throughout.

This Vanilla extract is best used in your bakes and desserts, where Vanilla is the star, and the beauty of this extract is allowed to shine.

Royal by name, royal strength by nature.


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