Top Baking Trends for 2022

Here at Queen we live and breathe all things baking. We’ve seen trends come and go, revivals and some that should have stayed buried. We’re always looking ahead for what’s to come in the baking world and have put all our knowledge into the baking trends you’ll see this year.

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1. Fuss Free Fanatics

Increased “pop-ins” and unexpected visitors (now that the Australia has almost returned to normality) will have us seeking out sweet and simple recipes in a hurry. This baking trend sees a profound surge in one-bowl-wonders, pantry staple recipes and tea time treats.

2. The zest is yet to come

As a follow on from functional flavours in 2021 which saw consumers seeking out immune powerhouses, citrus itself has seen a surge. Fermented and tart taste profiles are also gaining traction as bakers expand their flavour horizons. If all that juicing and zesting not your thing, why not try our new Lemon Extract – all the flavour without the effort!

3. The perfect match

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Basque Cheesecakes were all the rage in 2021, and this next baking trend doesn’t seem to be fizzling out anytime soon. Whether it’s burned, smoked and torched, fire kissed sweets impart a unique, very distinctive flavour that’s sure to surprise and delight.

4. Char-WHO-terie?

Sharing is caring: we saw the success of the Pav Board back in 2020 and it’s also saw a resurgence in 2021 where individual customisable dessert were on the top of everyone’s menu. In 2022 we’ll see sweet smorgasbords gracing the table tops alongside their savoury counterparts – providing the opportunity to offer a variety of desserts and even incorporate a theme.

5. Shape shifter

2022 will see a whole new side to cakes, literally… The #caketopfoward trend will take the world by storm as we start to see a steady move away from the modern take on New Lambeth cakes and in into the world of structural sweets – with other iterations seeing new takes on the classic layer cake, with head turning shapes.

6. Bigger and better

It’s no surprise that celebrations in 2020 and 2021 were considerably smaller after taking a hit during the pandemic. 2022 will stand for everything big, bold and beautiful as bakers flex their new found skills and safely gather to celebrate, keenly making up for lost time.

7. Classic connoisseur

As a contrast to the big and bold, “show-off” cakes, we’ll also see bakers take the road well-travelled and revert back to tried and true recipes that delight. Classic cakes and traditional bakes will stay high on the agenda with nostalgia and memories of simple times reigning supreme. With nostalgia verging on macro trend status as we continue to see more of it in 2022.

8. Loving local

We’d like to thank all the baking big guns who helped us bring sweet treats, birthday cakes and commiserations to our family and friends in lockdown this year. We hope to see this ongoing support in 2022. If you’re not buying local, we hope you bake local and make the effort to shop Aussie suppliers, from fruit and veg to locally made products.


This time last year, we predicted smart snacking, functional flavours and worldly flavours to be among the top trends for 2021.

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Your orange almond cake is the nicest cake we have ever had – One of my sons was a chef and he said just that and I have to agree with him of course not including my cooked cheesecake which is always on the menu on our family days Doreen x thanks for sending me notifications