Introducing our New Range of Tasty Sprinkles

Not only do our fabulous NEW sprinkles add a beautiful finish to your creations, but are absolutely bursting with flavour, adding a little extra oomph to your bakes!

Our Tasty Toppers come in three downright delicious and fun flavours; Sour Flakes, Choco Flakes and Strawberry Crunch.

Simply add this tasty mix to cupcakes or cakes before your icing sets, or onto ice-cream just before serving for a texture and flavour punch.


Sour Flakes Tasty Topper Sprinkles


Sour Flakes

Featuring a colourful blue & pink mix and a sensational sour fruity flavour, these tangy tasting sprinkles are a fun family favourite!



Choco Flakes Tasty Topper Sprinkles


Choco Flakes

Made with real cocoa for an authentic, rich flavour, these delicious choco flakes are the perfect finishing touch to add a tantalising taste to your bakes and desserts.



Strawberry Crunch Tasty Topper Sprinkles


Strawberry Crunch

Fun, fruity and flavoursome, these delicious flavoured sprinkles add a fresh strawberry flavour to all your creations.


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