Introducing our Queen Colour & Flavour for Icing

Meet the Queen Colour & Flavour for Icing! The fun & easy way to enhance your icing with a colourful flavour twist. In one easy squeeze, add an explosion of Salted Caramel or Strawb’ry & Cream flavour to your favourite icing recipes.

With one easy squeeze, enhance your favourite icing recipes.

Using just 1 tablespoon of Colour & Flavour for Icing, take your buttercream icing or no-bake desserts to the next level, adding a burst of flavour and a dash of colour ready for your cakes, cupcakes and bakes!


Our Colour & Flavour for Icing comes in two delicious flavours, Strawb’ry & Cream and Salted Caramel.


Turn your favourite tried and true recipes into a Strawberry, or Salted Caramel version without the hassle. Why not try adding a squeeze to our Buttercream, the perfect icing for our Just Because Vanilla Cupcakes!


Our buttercream recipe is sweet, fluffy and delicious! Simply add 1 tbsp. of your favourite Colour & Flavour for Icing to your buttercream mixture. The firm consistency of this buttercream makes it perfect for everyday decorating and layering in between cakes.




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Love the new queen salted caramel colour & flavour tube. i only used 1tsp in my frosting and OMG it was sooo yummy, i will be recommending these tubes to everyone. Defs a 5 star rating


I love your products . Are they available in store or online ?