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The Best of Emelia Jacksons Baking Tips and Tricks

Ever wondered how the pro’s seem to always have a trick up their sleeve to make sure their baking creation is always a success? Emelia Jackson is here to give us the insider knowledge on the easy tricks and simple … Continued

Introducing our Queen Victoria Concentrated Vanilla Extract

The Queen brand was inspired by Queen Victoria’s love for Vanilla, and today is synonymous with the very best Vanilla in the world. What better way to celebrate our namesake than with the most incredible Vanilla Extract in her honour.

Introducing our New Range of Tasty Sprinkles

Not only do our fabulous NEW sprinkles add a beautiful finish to your creations, but are absolutely bursting with flavour, adding a little extra oomph to your bakes!

Top Baking Trends for 2022

Here at Queen we live and breathe all things baking. We’ve seen trends come and go, revivals and some that should have stayed buried. We’re always looking ahead for what’s to come in the baking world and have put all … Continued

Best Flavours for Baking: Introducing our new Extracts

We are so excited to finally share our new range of Finest Natural Extracts. In four delicious flavours, these extracts are made with pure essential oils that add depth to your icing, baking or anything that needs an extra kick.

The Best Desserts for an Australia Day BBQ

Did you know Queen Vanilla is made right here in Brisbane? We’re very proud of our heritage, which means bringing a show-stopping desert to our annual Australia Day barbeque is an absolute must! With a hint of nostalgia, a dash … Continued

Top Baking Trends for 2021

2020 has lead us into a new era of baking with smart snacking, functional flavours and finessing food waste leading the charge for the year ahead. Read on to see more of what 2021 has in store for the world … Continued

Tips for Baking the Perfect Bundt

Imagine lifting the tin after baking to reveal a perfect Bundt® with sharp edges and beautiful details – it’s possible with a little know-how! Read on as Nordic Ware® explains why cooking spray is the enemy of Bundt cakes and how … Continued

Spooky Halloween Baking and Desserts

While the supermarket aisles are bursting with “candy” (excuse the American-ism!) the little ones might not be able to do Halloween in quite the same way this year. If door to door is out of the question for your state, … Continued

A Guide to Ingredient Substitutes

If you’re running low on some key baking ingredients and your local supermarket is looking a little bare. Use our handy guide below for some baking ingredient substitutions. Not all substitutes are perfect, but they work well if you’re in … Continued

Recipes to Bake with Kids

Whether it’s making a meal or baking a cake, preparing and eating something you’ve made together is great way to bond as a family. Baking tasks can inject a little bit of math and science into the day, with the … Continued

Your Most Loved Recipes of 2019

New year, new you, new to-bake list! As we settle into 2020, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on your most loved, baked and searched for recipes of 2019. As expected, there are a few treasured classics making their annual … Continued

Our No-Bake Summer Dessert Round Up

We love our oven dearly but when it’s boiling hot outside, it’s the no-bake recipes that win us over. They’re fresh, creamy and easy to prepare! Whether you need something for morning tea, dessert, or a snack on the run, … Continued

Top Baking Trends for 2020

Welcome to this century’s roaring twenties, where baking is characterised by banana flour and intentionally burning your bakes (yes you read that correctly). Read on for all our weird and wonderful baking trend predictions for 2020. Hero image credit: Butternut … Continued

Ten Easy One-Bowl-Wonders

Hate washing up? So do we! But don’t let that compromise your sweet tooth. Baking has a notoriously bad reputation for creating a mountain of dirty dishes, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Forget “baking projects”, AKA … Continued

Best Edible Gifts for Christmas

There are many good reasons to skip the shops this year and bake your Christmas presents instead. Firstly, who doesn’t like fudge? A batch of something sweet is perfect for those “hard-to-buy-fors”, and won’t get lost amongst all the socks … Continued

Top 15 Prep Ahead Christmas Desserts

As the Christmas countdown begins, so does the season of list making, present buying and stretchy pant wearing ahead of that perfect festive feast, topped off with delicious Christmas desserts that you’re whipping up for the family – no pressure! … Continued

How to Use Vanilla Bean Paste

Each and every Queen Vanilla has a strong place in our hearts but there’s no denying that a generous squeeze Queen Vanilla Bean Paste adds a little somethin’ that truly elevates your sweet treats. Our Vanilla Bean Paste is the … Continued