Our No-Bake Summer Dessert Round Up

We love our oven dearly but when it’s boiling hot outside, it’s the no-bake recipes that win us over. They’re fresh, creamy and easy to prepare! Whether you need something for morning tea, dessert, or a snack on the run, these cool creations can chill happily in the fridge until you need them. So give your oven a well-earned rest this summer and embrace no-bake instead.

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Raw Slice


Raw slices and desserts have jumped up in popularity recently. They ditch many of the ingredients of a traditional slice and replace them with wholesome ingredients in their original state. They boast refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free that you can enjoy guilt free!

Our Raw Choc Raspberry Slice is free from refined sugar and packed with nutritious ingredients, perfect for a not-so-naughty afternoon tea treat.

If you’re a caramel brownie fan, you’ll love Yum Gluten Free’s Caramel Brownie Slice. Made from a mixture of medjool dates, cacao powder, desiccated coconut, coconut cream and more and served frozen!




With just one bowl and a quick 8 minute zap in the microwave, creamy fudge is the perfect lazy sweet treat.

Smooth, rich and creamy, our Tim Tam Fudge is a nod to the iconic Aussie biscuit. Sprinkle with crushed up biscuits and watch it disappear!

Sticking with the nostalgia theme, the humble Chocolate Freckle tastes even better in fudge form. Double up on the Hundreds & Thousands for a crunchy, creamy treat.


No-Bake Cheesecake


A good no-bake cheesecake should be part of every good baker’s repertoire.

The Awesome Green’s Blueberry Raw Cheesecake is fresh and delicate and melts in your mouth. Blitz plenty of blueberries, coconut milk, pitted dates, almonds, cashews and more in the food processor and freeze!

For a not quite so healthy option, our Creamy Ginger Nut Cheesecake couldn’t be easier to whip up for a guaranteed crowd-pleasing dessert.


Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta has got to be our favourite Italian dessert. While it’s simple to prepare, the cool, creamy texture makes it a lovely way to finish off a summer dinner party.

You can’t beat a classic Vanilla Panna Cotta, especially one flecked with beautiful Queen Vanilla bean seeds!

For something a little different, our Rosewater Panna Cotta is delicately scented with rosewater and vanilla bean. The pink ombré effect happens as if by magic, but is actually due to the fat content in the cream!


Ice Cream


Ripple your ice cream mixture with loads of cherries and sandwich with wafers in the Delicious recipe for Cherry Ripple Ice Cream Bars.

For a vegan alternative, this bright and fruity Blueberry, Maple & Vanilla Bean ice “cream” is the perfect treat for a hot summer day! A big thank you to the lovely Jade from Panaceas Pantry for developing this recipe for us!


Bliss Balls


Quick, easy and packed with healthy ingredients to make them naturally sweet, Bliss Balls are the perfect treat.

If you’re following a keto diet, our low carb Rum Balls aren’t just for Christmas thanks to Queen Sugar Free Maple Flavoured Syrup.

Covered in beetroot stained desiccated coconut, Beet Bliss Balls by What Annabel Cooks are vibrant and combine the earthy flavours of beetroot, cacao, medjool dates and maple syrup.


Raw Tarts



Clear some space in your freezer! Make these once and you’ll be doubling the batch for a continuous supply of healthy raw tarts.

Love choc banana? The Barefoot Housewife’s recipe for Choc Nana Peanut Raw Vegan Tarts combines cashews, banana, peanut butter, cacao powder, medjool dates and coconut oil for a creamy choc banana tart filling. Freeze in the medjool dates base until set.

Love berries? Raw Berry Tarts by Olives for dinner are sure to take your fancy. Blend, refrigerate and enjoy!

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