Recipes to Bake with Kids

Whether it’s making a meal or baking a cake, preparing and eating something you’ve made together is great way to bond as a family. Baking tasks can inject a little bit of math and science into the day, with the added bonus of something sweet at the end!

We’ve put together a list of recipes ranging from quick and easy biscuits, to some educational bakes that can encourage a little learning within the baking process.

1. Vanilla Bean Magic Cake

Not only is this Vanilla Bean Magic Cake super easy, it combines a delicious treat with a little math and science. This nifty recipe creates three completely different textural layers using basic, pantry staple ingredients and just one batter.

The magic of this cake can be explained by a little baking science. The thin, wet consistency of the batter is baked at a much lower temperature than a usual sponge cake. This allows it set very slowly, giving the ingredients time to separate into three layers based on their density.


2. Weekender Cornflake Biscuits

These Weekender Cornflake Biscuits are perfect recipe for those (adults & children alike) who might have a shorter attention span. Taking only 20 minutes from start to finish, this recipe also allows for some hands on involvement. Little (or big) helper/s can assist it rolling the balls of dough in cornflakes before placing on the baking tray. If you have some picky eaters in your household, feel free to sub out the sultanas for choc chips.

3.Easy Microwave Chocolate Freckle Fudge

The humble Easy Microwave Chocolate Freckle Fudge is a true Aussie icon and tastes even better in fudge form! Whip this one-bowl-wonder up in the microwave, then double up on the crunchy sprinkles for an easy nostalgic treat.


4. Basic Sugar Cookies

This Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe works a treat for when you’d like to keep the kids busy for just a little longer… The kids can have a lot of fun with this recipe – Cutting the cookies out into different shapes and then decorating them after they’ve been baked.


5. Classic Carrot Cake

This easy, Classic Carrot Cake has lots of little ingredients for little hands! Have them help by adding the spices one at a time and give them a whisk to mix it all together. Luckily this recipe is very forgiving so a splash of flour here or a spill there is not going to spell disaster – AND it has carrots, so it’s healthy.. right?



6. Simple Vanilla Cupcakes

Sweet and simple, these classic vanilla cupcakes are perfect with a swirl of vanilla bean buttercream and dusting of sprinkles.



7. Giant Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Not for the faint of heart, this is the ultimate cookie recipe to have up your sleeve. Insanely chocolatey, insanely decadent, insanely delicious. You can thank us later.

8. Strawberry Finger Buns

Turn this classic after school treat into a baking project. While these Strawberry finger buns may take a smidge more effort, it allows to you teach your children about the magic of yeast! You can explain the process of how yeast “comes alive” once you add the right ingredients to wake it up. You can show how you need to “feed” the yeast with simple sugars, turning them into great big air bubbles. When you see the dough rising and doubling in size, you know that the yeast is gobbling up the simple sugars and making bubbles creating something called carbon dioxide – making the finger buns extra light and fluffy.


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Hi. Have just read through these recipes and think they are very good.
Would love it if one of you could convert them to gluten free – very tricky to do as an individual as often a direct replacement for the flour does not work and may need many goes at it to get it work.
I am Coeliac.