Ready to Roll also known as Fondant Icing is easy to use, tastes great and can be used to make some fantastic creations! Read on for our top tips to help you achieve professional cake decorating results every time.


TIP – Custom Colours: You can customise the colour of your fondant in a few ways. Either use Queen Food Colour liquids or gels to tint fondant (white or coloured) to your desired colour, or mix fondant colours by gently kneading them together until you achieve the shade you’re after.

TIP – Prevent Staining: Wear gloves when kneading colours into fondant, otherwise your hands will become very colourful!

TIP – Brown or Black: To make dark colours such as dark brown, orange, red or dark blue, use gel food colours. You will need a lot of colour, which will make the fondant sticky. Try colouring the fondant a day ahead and allowing it to rest overnight to firm up again. When ready to use, spray fondant with a little vegetable cooking spray instead of icing sugar so that the colour doesn’t fade and the fondant isn’t sticky.



TIP – Custom Flavours: Queen Ready-to-Roll Fondant icings have a delicious Vanilla flavour. To give yours an extra flavour boost, use a toothpick to dot a few drops of your favourite Queen Extract (Peppermint, Coconut, Lemon etc..) onto the fondant and knead gently to combine. If a little sticky add some icing sugar and knead until smooth.



TIP – Cake Freshness: To help your cakes stay fresh, brush them with sugar syrup or buttercream icing before covering with fondant. This helps seal in freshness and allows a little more time between baking and decorating your cake.

TIP – Cake Temperature: Allow cakes to come to room temperature before applying fondant. Do not decorate cakes that have come straight from the fridge or freezer.

TIP – Essential Tools: A few tools go a long way to achieving a professional finish and flat, smooth cakes. Invest or borrow some fondant smoothers and buffing pads to achieve the professional finish.

TIP – Give it time: Planning to decorate further after covering with a fondant base layer? Be patient and allow the fondant to firm up a little. This will prevent nail marks, dents and tears occurring.


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