It’s not a Birthday cake without candles is it? You know what’s even better? Edible Birthday candles. Queen decorator Emma shows us how it’s done in this handy little tutorial.

Tools & Ingredients

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Divide fondant into the final number of colours you would like your candles to be, then carefully knead the Queen Food Colour Gels or Liquids through each ball of fondant. Here are some tips for colouring fondant.


To make a candle, make two thin sausages out of two different coloured icings then twist them together. Gently roll on a flat surface to smooth out into one uniform shape and then cut to desired candle size and set aside. Repeat until desired number of candles are produced, making a few extra in case some break.


Prepare the yellow icing according to the packet and then roll out and use the teardrop cutter to cut the flames.


Paint a little red into the middle of each one to bring the flame to life. Set candles and flames aside to set for 3-5 days in a cool, dry place.


Once completely dry, prepare Queen Royal Icing according to packet instructions and use to attach the flames to the candles. Now they’re ready to go on the cake!



Birthday Cake Candles Process Birthday Cake Candles Process Birthday Cake Candles Process Birthday Cake Candles Process

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