Equal parts sweet and funny, these cupcake decorations are sure to make Dad feel extra special this Father’s Day. These fondant toppers can be prepared up to a week ahead and simply placed on top of your favourite iced cupcakes.

Tools & Ingredients

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Remove white fondant from packet and separate into three even sized balls. Take one ball and knead gently until smooth, covering the other two balls with cling wrap until ready to use. Use a little icing sugar to prevent fondant sticking to the bench, then roll fondant out until 3-4mm thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut circles and carefully using a palette knife, lift circles and place in a cool dry place to dry.


Remove another ball of fondant from the cling wrap and add a tiny amount of Blue Food Colour Gel directly to the fondant (less than 1 drop). Fold fondant over the food colour and then using a little icing sugar on the bench, knead until smooth and not sticky. Repeat step 1 to roll out and cut into shapes. Repeat with final ball of fondant and add a larger amount of colour to create a deep blue colour. Roll out and cut into shapes. Here are some extra tips for colouring fondant.


Remove black fondant from packet and knead gently until smooth on a plastic sheet. If sticky use a little cooking spray and knead until smooth – do not use icing sugar as this will make it turn grey. Roll fondant out on plastic sheet until 3-4mm thick and allow to dry a little for 30 minutes or so – this will assist in creating the moustache shapes.

Once a little dry, cut into 4mm diameter circles using a cookie cutter, then use the tip of a sharp knife to cut an ‘S’ through the middle of the circle (see example on template). Gently lift pieces from sheet and allow to dry fully so that they are firm and easy to apply to your cupcakes.


While fondant circles are drying, print and cut out moustache template. Remove black writing icing tube from the box and gently massage the tube (with the lid on) to warm the icing up. If you find it is too firm, place in a glass of lukewarm water – do not submerge the tip.


Take test sheet of paper and practice writing the words ‘Dad’ ‘Love You’ and hearts on the paper until the icing is piping smoothly and you are confident to start writing on the fondant circles.


To create the moustaches, simply place the template in the middle of the fondant disk (or paper to practice) and use the writing icing to outline the shape. For best results, ensure the icing doesn’t stick to the template and use a finger to hold the template in place.

Once outlined, remove the template and pipe wavy lines to fill in the moustache, if desired. As your confidence increases, try piping the moustaches without the template as this will speed things up!


Mix and match the designs and colours of your fondant disks and allow them to fully dry overnight in a cool, dry place before placing on top of your favourite iced cupcake recipe. Try our Classic Red Velvet Cupcake recipe – the colour looks fantastic against the blue cupcake toppers!


These toppers can be prepared up to a week ahead. Once fully dry, simply store them in a single layer in an airtight container in the pantry.








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