More ‘Tigger’ than tiger, this cute fondant tiger cake topper is the finishing touch to your next birthday cake!

Tools & Ingredients

Each tiger will require the following quantities of fondant:

  • Body: 40g
  • Head:18g
  • Back legs: 7g each
  • Front legs:10g each
  • Ears/ tail: 5-10g


Tiger Cake Topper



Mix 100g White Ready to Roll icing with orange food (make with yellow and red) colouring. Knead until colour is mixed through.


Shape the body into sausage shape, allow to dry. Roll the back legs into sausage shapes, slightly pinching at one end to taper off. Repeat the same process for the front legs. Attach the legs onto the body with a little water or vegetable shortening and set aside to dry.


Create small yellow circles to put on the end of legs. Make stripes for the body, roll out the black Ready to Roll and cut thin lines then use a little water or vegetable shortening to stick then to the body.


For the tail, create a sausage shape and roll it thinly at one end. Attach it at the back of the body using water or vegetable shortening and allow to dry.


Using 10g of orange icing, roll into a circle shape. Cut one end to make a flat surface. Using 5-8g of yellow icing, attach to the flat surface of the orange to create the face. Make a mouth while fondant is still soft. Using the end of a straw or icing tip.


Roll out a small piece of orange Ready to Roll icing into a V shape and place in the middle of face using a little water to stick. Use a small circle to create the nose.


Using white Ready to Roll Icing, roll out and make a diamond shape (cut of bottom end) attach to top half of face where the eyes will be. Make 2 small black circles for eyes.


Using Black Ready to Roll Icing make triangle shapes for sides of face, which covers the join. Make some small stripes for the edge of face and over the nose.


Make ears by creating a little tear drop shape. Use a little water or pasta stick to hold into place. Allow to dry then stick head onto a pasta stick and insert into the body to finish.




Tiger Cake Topper Progress

Tiger Cake Topper Progress 2

Tiger Cake Topper Progress 3

Tiger Cake Topper Progress 4

Tiger Cake Topper Progress 5

Tiger Cake Topper Progress 7

Tiger Cake Topper Progress 6

Tiger Cake Topper Progress 8

Tiger Cake Topper

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