Bright and cute as a button, this fondant dinosaur cake topper will transform a simple buttercream cake into an irresistible dino birthday cake. Let us show you how!

Tools & Ingredients

To help you plan, each dino cake topper will use the following amounts of Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing:

Body 40g
Head 20g
Tail 18g
Each leg 5g
Each arm 5g


Dinosaur Fondant Cake Topper






Start by making the dinosaur body using 40g of yellow Ready to Roll Icing.
Carefully stick the toothpick through the middle of the body for stability.  Leave a little poking out the top for the head to sit on then put it aside to dry.


Knead 20g of yellow icing to form the head then use a toothpick to make nose holes and eyes. Use the large rounded edge of an icing tip to make the smile and a toothpick to make the dimples at the edges of the smile. Leave the head to dry.


Knead 18g of yellow icing for the tail then shape it into a sausage shape, rolling it thinner at one end to create a narrow tail then curve it to create the desired shape and leave it to try too.


Knead 20g of icing for the feet and arms and use a knife to make lines for the feet then brush on a little bit of water to stick the tails, legs and arms to the body and set aside to dry.


To make the spots for your dinosaur, knead the black icing and roll with rolling pin to approximately 2mm thickness. Use the icing tips to cut three different sized spots. Brush the spots with a little water and stick them to the dinosaur.


Roll two small balls of white icing to make the eyes then apply a small amount of water to the hole so the eyes stick. Using a little bit of black icing to make tiny round balls to create the pupils.


Finally, brush the top of the body with water and carefully attach the head. Voila, your topper is complete!


  • It is important to have dry hands when working with fondant – if your hands get a sticky, use a little icing sugar. Browse our Fondant Tips for other tricks and handy hints for working with fondant.
  • Be sure to make your dinosaur at least 24 hours before you want to use it so he has time to dry.


Dino Image Collage

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