Whether you’re celebrating Australia Day, sending farewell to international friends or simply looking for a cute cake decoration, this little koala cake topper will fit the bill nicely.

Tools & Ingredients

Koala Cake Topper



Mix white icing with a small amount of black food colouring. Knead until all the colour is mixed, if the mixture gets too sticky add some icing sugar. Use 20g to create the body. Roll into a pear shape as shown in guide. Allow to dry. Once dried a little, carefully put toothpick into the body to hold the head.


Roll out 6g of grey icing, roll into long lengths. Gently pinch once end to create a foot. If the legs are too long, use sharp knife to create the desired length. Gently place around the body to create the right shape. Very carefully, using a sharp knife cut 2 lines in the top of foot. To make paws, use a small amount of black icing. Make 6 small circles and 2 larger ones. Glue onto feet. Allow to dry.


To make arms use 2g of grey icing. Roll into small lengths, flatten one end to create a hand shape. Using a sharp knife, make two lines for paws. Check length of arm and cut if necessary. Once you have the perfect length, glue with a little water or shortening.


To make the head, use 16g of grey icing. Roll into a ball. Allow to dry for a couple of minutes. Using a small amount of black icing make a pear shape with your hands and place onto face. Cut to size if need be. Glue with a little water. Make 2 small holes using a toothpick for the eyes. Place 2 small round circles with black icing and carefully glue into place. Make a smile with the edge of an icing tip. Allow head to dry.


Once the head is dry, make 2 circles approximately 1.3cm wide for the ears. Cut small lines around the ears for a bit of character. Roll out pink icing, using circle cutter make a circle. Cut pink circle in half, and these can be glued onto the ears. Lastly glue ears onto the head. Allow to dry.


Finally we made a small handmade leaf by using Queen Green Food colouring and Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll White Icing. Make a pear shape and use the edge of toothpick to make imprints. Glue into place.

TIP: Be sure to have dry hands when working with fondant. If your hands get sticky, use a little icing sugar. Browse our tips for more hints & tricks for working with fondant.




Koala Cake Topper Progress 1

Koala Cake Topper Progress 2

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Koala Cake Topper


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