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Ever found yourself with an insatiable craving for sweets? Unexpected guests? Prefer to stay in your PJ’s rather than brave the shops? Yeah, we know the feeling. Pantry staples are your get out of jail free card when a trip to the shops is simply out of the question, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much you can whip up with the bare essentials. These recipes don’t require any fancy or expensive ingredients, so they’re also perfect for baking on a budget.

You may notice an abundance of vanilla in this list; that’s because it’s the secret ingredient that turns a simple recipe into something truly indulgent!

1. Weekender Cornflake Biscuits

Bored of your weekday cereal? Turn it into biscuits! We tested this recipe with sultanas, but you can experiment with whatever dried fruit you have lying around in the pantry. Better yet – they’re ready in 20 minutes!


2. Perfect Vanilla Butter Cake

Oh, how we love this recipe! It’s a shining example of turning simple ingredients into something wonderful.

Note: we showcase our special Celebrating 120 Years Master Blend Pure Vanilla Extract in this recipe, but you can substitute this for one of our everyday classic Vanillas and it will taste equally as lovely!


3. Traditional Butter Shortbread

If you forgot about morning tea duty tomorrow, or have last-minute guests dropping round, this recipe is a god send. With only 4 pantry staple ingredients, you can have warm, crumbly shortbread on the table in thirty minutes flat.


4. Vanilla Custard Magic Cake

With a little baking magic, this recipe turns a simple batter into a triple layered slice. Who doesn’t love a quick, cheap and basic recipe that actually looks impressive?

For best results and defined layers, be sure to fold your egg whites in as gently as possible.


5. Cinnamon Tea Cake

Armed at the ready with just a bowl, spoon and a handful of ingredients,save yourself a trip to the supermarket AND limit your washing up with this fragrant tea cake. And there’s really nothing better than the scent of warm cinnamon wafting from your oven.


 6. Traditional Scones 

You simply can’t beat a warm scone, slathered in jam with a good dollop of vanilla bean cream! This traditional recipe comes together with just three pantry staple ingredients.


7. Honey Jumbles

When baking from pantry staples, be sure to put your spice rack to good use! It’s amazing what a dash of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg can do to an otherwise simple biscuit dough.


 8. Peanut butter cookies 

Quick and easy, this one bowl wonder only needs 4 ingredients. Better yet, it’s Gluten and dairy free!


There you have it – plenty of ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without a trip to the supermarket!

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Loved the magic cake a real hit at our high teas, as was the Tim Tam fudge, so economical,have not used glucose syrup before, but, now very confident, thank you for your clear and easy to follow recipes. Please cooks give them a go, you can always expect a good outcome when using quality products made by queens, following in grandmas footsteps there.


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