There’s nothing worse than creating a beautiful cake, only to have your fondant sweat and slide off! Read on for our prep and storing tips to help you achieve professional cake decorating results every time.


TIP – Kneading: Knead fondant gently to ensure it is smooth and a little warm. Be careful not to over-knead as it will become very sticky and unmanageable.

TIP – Start Small: Knead fondant in batches – this will make it easier on your wrists and potentially less work if you don’t need to use the entire packet.

TIP – Icing Sugar: Be careful not to over knead or add too much icing sugar or cornflour to your fondant as this will result in dryness and cracking. You might find your fondant becomes a lighter colour as well.

TIP – Work Quickly: Work as quickly as possible when kneading and decorating with fondant. It dries quickly, which can lead to cracking when trying to decorate.

TIP – Drying: To prevent drying out, wrap fondant you aren’t working with straight away in cling wrap.

TIP- Weather and temperature: Very cold weather will make your fondant hard, while humid weather makes it very sticky. Keep this in mind when making a special occasion cake without much time to spare. Try to prepare fondant in air conditioning, cool/warmer conditions or run your hands under cold/hot water and dry thoroughly before preparing.



TIP – Colour Fading: Coloured fondant may fade with exposure to sunlight. Store unused fondant in cool, dry conditions away from heat and sunlight, and store decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies in a dark, cool, dry area immediately after decorating.

TIP – Storage: If you have leftover fondant, wrap it in clingwrap and store in an airtight container in the pantry for up to 4 weeks. Never refrigerate fondant as it will sweat. Instead, store finished cakes, cupcakes and biscuits in cool, dry conditions such as the pantry.


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