Top Baking Trends for 2019

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time we put the hours scouring the depths of Pinterest and Instagram to good use and reveal our best guesses for the year ahead. We really know how to pick ‘em here at Queen – just take a look at our 2018 baking and decorating predictions!

Update: read our baking and decorating trend predictions for 2020!

1. Brown Butter

Already a culinary superstar in the savoury world, brown butter baking has slowly nudged its way into our sweet universe too. Keep an eye out for an influx warm, nutty flavours taking over your baking in 2019. We’re already dreaming of brown butter cinnamon scones, slathered in brown butter cream cheese.


2. Savoury Satisfaction

We’re all familiar with a sprinkle of sea salt on our cookies around here, but 2019 is going to take the combination of sweet and savoury flavours in baking to a whole new level. From a kick of pink peppercorns in your pastry dough to an unexpected touch of ras el hanout in your ice cream, next year will be all about savoury, spice and all things nice. Watch out for vanilla: our favourite spice will definitely be a key player in this trend, with hints of salted and smoked vanilla popping up in both sweet and savoury recipes.


3. Natural Colours

While we love baking with bold, vibrant colours, 2019 will see bakers dialling it back to more natural roots using fruits, vegetables and other plant extracts. If you find the idea of baking with vegies a little intimidating or you simply don’t know where to start, try adding a little natural oomph to your next batch of icing with Queen Natural Colour Extracts.


4. Ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate burst onto the culinary scene mid-2018. While people have been quick to try this mysterious new treat, we haven’t seen much baking experimentation going on – yet! Once it *finally* hits the baking chocolate aisle, we expect to see a flood of brightly coloured Panna cotta, brownies, cheesecakes and more. 2019 is the year to explore its baking potential.


5. “Good enough” baking

Do away with that “insta-perfect” mindset, 2019 is the year of good enough baking! Forget about straight cakes, evenly baked cakes and too-pretty-to-eat cakes – bring on the wonky cakes, broken cakes and melty icing cakes. Baking for friends, family (and yourself, of course) is supposed to be enjoyable, not about winning awards. We love these examples from our Queen Baker community, who have done a fabulous job of bravely showing off their baking with the Instagram tag, #QueenGoodEnoughs. So go on – bake what you want, when you want and how you want. 2019 is your year!


6. Reinvented classics

In 2018 we saw a resurgence of nostalgic baking, with childhood favourites popping up all over social media. Comforting tea cakes and scones, just like mum used to make! Our crystal baking ball predicts this trend will continue, taking that hint of nostalgia, but adding a twist to make it a little more modern, a little more fresh, a little more 2019…


7. Asian flavours

While we can hardly call matcha “new” (it’s over 800 years old!) it’s been impossible to ignore the matcha lattes flooding our Instagram feeds. A trend in its own right, this bright green ingredient has also been the doorway to a whole new world of flavours traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese culture. Exotic flavours like yuzu, matcha, miso and black sesame have been building momentum in 2018 and will finally hit peak trend status in 2019.


8. Sour tooth

No, put away the Warheads away, we’re not that crazy (yet)! 2019 will see a revival of those sharp, sometimes bitter notes in your baking. Think all things tart and tantalising, like sour cherry, tart citrus (including yuzu, as above) and sour cream. It’s all about adding a little tang to desserts to amp up the complexity of your dish.


9. Holy Sheet Cake

Ahh, the humble sheet cake. Often known as the “spare cake out back” for an effective wedding hack, in 2019 sheet cakes will be stepping out of the shadows and into the lime light. Uncomplicated, easy to prep and simple to serve, this unassuming baking super star will really take the cake next year.


10. Quality over quantity

2019 will see a shift towards “back to basics” style baking, where prioritising high quality ingredients is more important than fussy, multi-step recipes. It’s about letting simple cakes, loaves and muffins speak for themselves as bakers develop a greater appreciation of the flavour and texture that come with choosing high quality ingredients. Chocolate and vanilla are prime examples: you WILL taste the difference!


This time last year, we predicted botanical flavours, boozy bakes and yeasted goods galore to be among the top trends for 2018. We dare you to flick through a recipe mag without spotting at least two or even three of our predictions!

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