Banana Bread with Vanilla Maple Glaze

The smell of freshly baked Banana Bread will bring everyone to the kitchen. With a sweet crunchy crust on the outside thanks to the Pure Maple Syrup, and soft on the inside thanks to the natural yoghurt and olive oil, the only thing to top off this winning recipe is a generous drizzle of vanilla maple glaze.

20 min
65 min


Banana Bread
  1. 1 2/3 cups (250g) plain flour
  2. 1 tsp bicarbonate soda
  3. 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  4. ¼ tsp salt
  5. ½ cup (125ml) olive oil
  6. 1 cup (160g) brown sugar
  7. 2 tbsp (40ml) Queen Pure Maple Syrup
  8. 2 tsp Queen Celebrating 120 Years Pure Vanilla Extract
  9. 2 large eggs
  10. 3 large ripe bananas (400g), mashed
  11. 2 tbsp (40ml) natural yoghurt
  12. 1 ½ cups (180g) walnuts, chopped
  13. 1 ripe banana, sliced


  1. Step 1

    Preheat oven to 160°C (fan forced). Grease and line base of a 13.5cm x 23.5cm loaf pan. Place flour, bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon and salt in a large bowl and mix to combine. Set aside.

  2. Step 2

    In a large bowl, whisk together olive oil and brown sugar, breaking up any lumps. Add Maple Syrup and Vanilla Extract, whisking until smooth. Add eggs, one at a time and beat until fully incorporated then stir in banana, yoghurt and walnuts. Add flour mixture to wet mixture, folding gently until combined.

  3. Step 3

    Pour mixture into pan and arrange sliced banana on top. Bake for 60 – 65 minutes, or until an inserted skewer comes out clean. Cool in pan briefly then turn onto rack to cool.

  4. Step 4

    Whisk together Maple Syrup and Vanilla Extract and drizzle over banana bread to serve.