Organic Vanilla Bean Paste 65g

Organic Vanilla Bean Paste 65g


Made with certified organic vanilla beans, it has been more than ten years since Queen created vanilla bean paste and launched it to the world. Strong, concentrated and aromatic with beautiful vanilla bean seeds suspended throughout, use Queen Organic Vanilla Bean Paste in place of a vanilla bean pod or vanilla extract for a superior flavour.



Vanilla Bean Extract with Seeds (Water, Alcohol, Pure Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Seeds)*, Sugar*, Inulin*; Thickener: Tragacanth gum. (* Organically produced). Contains alcohol (20% by vol.)

Allergens: NIL

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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 10 gAvg. Qty. per ServeAvg. Qty. per 100g
Energy115 kJ (27 Cal)1149 kJ (275 Cal)
Protein0.0 g0.0 g
Fat, total0.0 g0.0 g
… saturated0.0 g0.0 g
Carbohydrate3.9 g39 g
… sugars3.9 g39 g
Dietary fibre, totalLESS THAN 1 g5.2 g
SodiumLESS THAN 5 mgLESS THAN 5 mg