Another 10 Baby Shower Cakes that are Totally Worth the Effort

Here at Queen, we strongly believe that every important celebration should be marked by an incredible cake. While Pinterest is often the place to start for inspiration, a quick search for baby shower cakes reveals all the same old pastel fondant options – boring!

Instead, we’ve done the hard yards for you to round up ten stunning and far more original cakes that are totally worth the effort, with a few hot Queen tips thrown in for good measure.

1. Botanicals

Fed up with the same old fondant elephants and pastel baby shoes? These botanical beauties are perfect for the elegant mum-to-be! Start with a simple sponge cake, then decorate with fresh blooms and a few sprigs of native Australian flora. This rustic trend works well with naked cakes.

2. Onesie Cakes

These charming cakes are far simpler than they seem – all it takes is one rectangular cake tin, a sharp knife and a steady hand. Start with a fail-proof vanilla bean butter cake recipe, freeze or chill it to make for smoother cutting, and don’t be tempted to skip your crumb coat!

3. Donut Wall

Don’t fancy a cake? Go off-piste with pile of delicious donuts instead. Finish the tower off with a cute cake topper, or try the latest Pinterest trend with a ‘donut wall’.  For an even more indulgent twist, why not whip up a few caramel or ganache stuffed donuts!

4. Woodland Theme

These whimsical woodland themed cakes are ideal for a gender-neutral party, and far simpler to recreate than they seem. Start with a rustic naked cake, then create a scene with plastic toy animals complete with a few sprigs of greenery from the garden!

5. Gender Reveal Cupcakes

From balloons to piñatas, we’ve seen plenty of creative gender reveal ideas floating around the internet. But these cute little cupcakes have stolen our hearts! Need some icing ideas? Check out our Cupcake Decorating Pinterest board.

6. Nursery Rhymes

Because nursery rhymes are the eternal symbol of childhood! Pick your favourite, then turn it into a delicious masterpiece. We love these classy Peter Rabbit and The Little Prince themed-cakes, with muted pastels and hints of edible metallic gold.

7. Gender Reveal Cakes

Gender reveal cakes are still going strong. While the candy-filled centre has been an ongoing trend, this year we’re seeing a shift towards cakes iced with classic white buttercream, cut to reveal hidden pastel layers. Queen tip: instead of simply colouring your layers, try adding a burst of Raspberry, Passionfruit or Lime with our Baking Pastes.

8. Chocolate

While baby shower cakes tend to lean towards vanilla and fruit flavours, we think chocolate deserves a little more attention! Add drips, sprinkles and beautifully piped ganache for a gender-neutral showstopper. You can’t go wrong with our Peanut Butter Mudcake recipe.

9. Sprinkles

These cakes are totally EXTRA. While they may be a little messy to recreate at home, the finished effect is well worth vacuuming the kitchen for. Queen tip: surround your cake with large baking trays, then use your hand to gently apply the sprinkles. The trays will catch (most of) the strays!

10. Classy Ombre

These insta-worthy cakes take the ombre trend to new heights – literally! Use a smaller diameter cake tin, then layer up as tall as you dare. Whether you’re doing coloured sponge layers or graded buttercream, refer to our Food Colour Mixing Chart for perfect shades every time.


Looking for more inspiration? Check out our original Baby Shower Cake blogpost, or browse through our recipe section to find a bake for every occasion.

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