Your Most Loved Recipes of 2016

As we settle into the new year, it’s time to look back at your most loved recipes of 2016. From afternoon tea, to birthdays, to Christmas or simply ‘just because’, you’ve certainly picked the most delicious and often, classic recipes.  Whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for a list of ‘must bake’ recipes to elevate your status to ‘Baking Queen’ we strongly encourage you scroll through these.

15. Lemon Cream Pound Cake

This buttery lemon cake is just as perfect after dinner with a dollop of cream and a pile of berries, as it is next to a cup of tea mid-afternoon.

Lemon Pound Cake

14. Pastel Rainbow Cheesecake

A rainbow of pastel colours is the perfect surprise for someone special. Just a touch of colour and a sprinkle of neon sugar makes this creamy vanilla cheesecake wonderfully pretty.


13. Easy Choc Hazelnut Slice

A simple, crumbly, chocolate hazelnut slice slathered with a simple chocolate icing. What’s not to love? This one is sure to be a quick and easy favourite for years to come.

Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

 12. Carrot Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

The best part about these spiced, moist carrot cakes? There’s not one, but two layers of creamy, tangy creamy cheese frosting. Say no more!

Carrot Cupcakes WEB

 11. No Bake Chocolate Macadamia Slice

Chewy, chocolatey, and no oven-time! Perfect for summer, when the thought of a hot oven is too much to handle or for a quick Sunday afternoon lunchbox fix for the week ahead.

Choc Coconut Macadamia Slice

 10. Lunchbox Lemon Slice

Soft, dense and lemony, our gluten free lunchbox lemon slice is a morning tea essential.

Lunchbox Lemon Slice WEB

 9. Strawberry Neenish Tarts

These pretty little strawberry tarts were inspired by the sweet staple of the Australian bakery. One bite and you’ll be travelling back to your childhood memories.

Strawberry Neenish Tarts

 8. Red Velvet Cheesecake Trifle

This decadent dessert graced many tables as the hero dish of Christmas in 2016. Made with minty choc oreo bark, deep red velvet cake and heavenly cheesecake icing, this trifle has some of the greatest cake flavours of all time. We have no doubt that it will be back with a bang in 2017.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Trifle WEB

 7. Classic Queen Vanilla Slice

This is the ultimate classic bakery slice, made with the best quality Queen vanilla. Soft and wobbly and full of vanilla, this one will definitely be doing more than one round in your kitchen.

Vanilla Slice

 6. Easy Vanilla Bean Fudge

Oh sweet fudge! The first time you make this, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made it before! So easy and full of vanilla, we’re yet to meet someone who says no to a piece of this delightful treat.

Vanilla Bean Fudge

 5. Cinnamon Doughnut Baby Cakes

Don’t bother with the fiddly process of frying doughnuts, bake them! These tender little baby cakes are made with only a few pantry ingredients in mini muffin pans. Coat them in sugar and spice and watch them disappear from your kitchen in record speed. Our tip – make a double batch, you won’t regret it.

Donut Babycakes

 4. Vanilla Fudge Slice

This gorgeous slice was our number one most loved recipe in 2015, and at number four in 2016, it’s clearly still a favourite amongst Queen bakers. This recipe celebrates the intense, woody flavour of our vanilla bean paste, which is enhanced by pantry staples of butter, flour and sugar. Cut into squares and offer it around, this is a recipe that is meant to be shared and enjoyed by many.

Vanilla fudge slice

 3. Passionfruit Iced Vanilla Slice

With a burst of passionfruit icing smothered on top, this true Aussie classic showcases the rich flavour and heavenly aroma of our Madagascan Vanilla Bean Paste in thick and creamy custard. This recipe is an all-time favourite for any time of day, all year round.


 2. Wagon Wheel Slice

Nostalgia has never tasted so sweet with this wagon wheel inspired slice! Buttery shortbread, berry jam, billowy marshmallow and rich chocolate takes us back to the original Aussie biscuit. This slice is a party favourite for all ages and we’re sure will be popular again in 2017!

Wagon Wheel Slice_Feature

 1. Vanilla Custard Magic Cake

Our most loved recipe of 2016 involves a little magic and a little mystery. During baking, a vanilla custard mixture transforms into a triple layer custard cake! How, you ask? A magician never reveals their secrets. You’ll have to bake it for yourself and watch the magic happen! It’s loved for its chewy base, creamy custard middle, cakey layer on top and beautiful, rich vanilla flavour.



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