Our top 10 Cake Decorating Trend Predictions for 2017

As the year draws to a close, we’re getting super excited for what we predict are going to be the biggest cake decorating trends of 2017. Here at Queen, we live and breathe baking and decorating and can spot trends before they even happen. So, here’s our roundup for the year ahead. It’s going to be bold, mesmerising, beautiful and utterly delicious! Click on the images to see the original source.

p.s. this list has been updated! Check out our top trend predictions for 2018.

1. Black

The boldest and darkest of the dark, black cakes are gaining momentum. Using our Black Food Colour Gel, traditional icing and cake batters can be tinted jet black to give you a cake that really makes a statement! Check out or black recipe collection if you dare.




 2. Galaxy

Thanks to movies like Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re starting to see space-inspired cakes that are out of this world! Galaxy is an explosion of black for those who want a greater challenge with more colour and texture.




 3. Mirror Glaze

There’s something so flawless and mesmerising about mirror glaze cakes – they look more like works of art to be hung on a wall than cake. As the name implies, the end result should be so smooth and shiny that you can see your reflection! How do you get it so smooth, you ask? Simply pour the glaze over the cake!



 4. Meringue

It feels like meringue has been around forever, but it’s the various ways of using meringue that is picking up speed for 2017. Meringue icing or marshmallow icing is taking place as the crown on the cake with glossy white peaks. We’re also seeing an injection of colour achieved with a piping bag and Food Colour Gels. Lastly, dig out the blow torch, your naked cake is waiting for a generous heap of golden torched meringue to adorn the top and slide over the edge.





 5. Edible and Organic Flowers

Chefs and cake decorators alike are using edible flowers to enhance their dishes and cakes with colour and texture, and it’s catching on. Before using flowers in a recipe, it’s important to make sure they’re an edible variety and free from pests. The best way to do this? Grow your own garden of edible flowers and pick them fresh on the day you want them. Cake decorating and gardening, so very talented! Gorgeous natural pops of colour, here we come.





 6. Isomalt

Isomalt oozes drama, elegance and flair with its ability to form glistening sculptures. Isomalt? It’s a versatile, crystalline substance that once cooked and melted, can be poured into molds, pulled or blown into any shape you can imagine! And yes, it’s safe to eat and can be tinted with food colour gels and flavoured with extracts. We’ll be seeing this more and more on top of our special occasion cakes as decorators experiment.




7. Square

Why have a round cake when you can have a square cake? Round cakes have been the default shape of choice recently but square cakes are where it’s at! Square cakes yield more servings than a round cake (no complaints here) and go hand in hand with geometric and architectural designs.




 8. Amazing Shapes and Textures

Move over dripping ganache and gooey, messy drizzle, it’s time to make way for precise shapes and smooth, powdered finishes. Join us as we gaze in awe at these stunning works of art, we almost can’t quite believe they’re cakes! The secret weapon – silicone cake moulds. We expect to see more daring cake artists step up to the challenge in 2017.





 9. Sprinkles

We can’t recall a time when we haven’t loved sprinkles! Can you? Sprinkles have been a huge part of cake decorating from first birthday cakes to fairy bread and everything in-between. They will continue to add a burst of colour to our cakes in the year ahead and can only get better! Think colour blocking, confetti and sparkles. We can’t wait!






 10. Muffins

Muffins are nothing new but we’re starting to see a trend evolving for a more conservative, healthy little muffin. Say goodbye to the over-indulgent, jumbo muffin top muffins, and hello to wholesome recipes with lots of fruit, seeds, nuts and spices.





So there you have it! We can’t wait for the year to unfold to see how these trends develop. If you think we’ve missed any, leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts on all things sweet. And if these images have left you feeling a little hungry, head over to our baking page for lots more recipe ideas.

Happy baking!

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