Creative Palettes with Queen Food Colour Gels

Creating those hard to mix shades of buttercream is one thing, but putting them all together into a themed cake is quite another. Our handy video explores how to match shades together to create, ocean, sunset, jewel and woodland themed cakes.

To replicate the shades, simply read below and refer to our Food Colour Mixing Chart. 

To replicate the shades, please refer to our Food Colour Mixing Chart. 



Inspiring Examples

We scoured our Pinterest boards for the very best examples of the above themes. Click the image to find the inspiring baker who created them!

1. Ocean Shades

From the deepest blues to the most delicate sea foam green, these stunning cakes have us dreaming of a beach side celebration!

2. Jewel Tones

We love the deep, moody colours in these jewel-inspired cakes. This trend is starting to pop up at weddings, where brides are opting for dark purples and rich reds instead of traditional whites and pastels.

3. Sunset Hues

Fading from rich, fiery reds to delicate wisps of baby pink, these sunset watercolour cakes are perfect for a summer BBQ. Layer up on the fruity flavours – we love the idea of a pink lemonade combination!

4. Woodland Theme

From toadstools to succulents, put those greens and browns to good use in a foliage-inspired cake. Pop a few baby animals on top and you’ve got the perfect gender-neutral baby shower cake!

Ready to flex your new colour mixing skills? Head over to our rainbow recipe collection for plenty of vibrant inspiration!

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