Vava’u Vanilla Update: March 2015

Welcome to another update on our Vanilla program in Vava’u, Tonga, which assists local farmers in reclaiming and re-establishing their vanilla plantations. Through ongoing support we hope to assist Tonga in bringing a once thriving Vanilla industry back to life while delivering you the finest vanilla in the world. Join us for our latest Vava’u Vanilla update:

Our second season complete!

We are pleased to report that we have completed our second season of Vanilla production and more than 1200 Tongan families are now benefiting from this program. This second season has been significant to our program, as through our ongoing support and training, more growers have been able to cure their own beans. Independence and knowledge to curing their own beans means vanilla growers receive a higher dollar return for their crops. This gives them income security over the long vanilla harvest season, which is approximately 6-8 months.


Fairtrade Certification

Our work in this program has been recognised by Fairtrade ANZ, with Vanilla produced by the Vanilla Growers Association of Vava’u now Fairtrade certified. It is the first farmer association in the small island state of Tonga to meet Fairtrade Standards for social and environmental performance, as well as business accountability and transparency.

Looking ahead

With the quality of the Vanilla beans produced so far being excellent, we are excited about our third season of Vanilla from Vava’u.  We will be working with the growers to increase their level of training, including new areas such as business practices. At home in Australia, the Queen team are developing new Vanilla extract recipes to showcase the Bourbon profile of these beautiful beans while also incorporating them into our signature Vanilla products.


Discover Products from our Vanilla Programs

Queen Fairtrade Vanilla Extract with Seeds:  

Available exclusively in Australia, this premium vanilla extract is made from Fairtrade Vanilla Beans. When you buy this vanilla, you are helping to support hundreds of vanilla growers in some of the most remote parts of the world. It is delicious in everyday baking and recipes that call for Vanilla Extract.

Queen Finest Single Origin Vanilla Extract with Seeds, Vava’u Tonga

Available in New Zealand, this little bottle of Vanilla is the result of our Vava’u Vanilla program. It is A full-bodied bourbon vanilla profile with a hint of chocolaty aroma. Ideal for all baking applications this is a premium and luxurious Vanilla Extract.

More on our sustainable Vanilla programs can be found over here.


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