Vava’u Vanilla Update: March 2014

In March last year (2013), Queen introduced a Vanilla program to assist the local farmers of Vava’u, Tonga in reclaiming and re-establishing their vanilla plantations. Through ongoing support we hope to assist Tonga in bringing a once thriving Vanilla industry back to life while delivering you the finest vanilla in the world. Join us for our latest Vava’u Vanilla update:

The first beans emerge

After months of re-establishing plantations and hand-pollinating individual Vanilla flowers, we are happy to report that we are now seeing our first beans. In the coming 6 weeks, the Vanilla beans will grow rapidly until reaching a size of about 18-20cm long. Growing in bunches, they will slowly mature over the next 6 months. The bean will then develop a yellow tip, telling us it is time to pick.

Developing curing facilities

While the beans are growing, we have a lot more work to do. Queen is helping to establish curing facilities for the growers. Curing is probably the most important stage of Vanilla growing. A green bean has little or no flavour. Curing is where the true flavour and aroma of the vanilla is developed.

By sharing our extensive knowledge in Vanilla growing and curing in addition to providing curing facilities, Queen is helping growers achieve a much higher return for their crops. This means growers can invest more back into their plantations and the industry as well as provide for their families.

New Vanilla products

The introduction of these new curing facilities also means that in time, Queen hopes to be able to produce incredible Vanilla products with Vava’u Vanilla. Stay tuned for updates on the growth of these beans and in time, exciting new Vanilla products from Queen!

Vava'u Vanilla

Vava'u Vanilla


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