Single Origin Vanilla, why is it so special?

As one of the most exotic flavours in the world, the tale of vanilla is rich with history and tradition. Much like fine wine, vanilla beans vary in flavour and aroma according to their growing location, climate and how the pods are cured, making them a very special baking ingredient.

To celebrate the launch of our Queen Finest Single Origin Vanilla Extracts from Madagascar and Vava’u Tonga, our Queen vanilla experts are sharing their tasting notes of vanilla beans from all over the world. We hope you enjoy learning more about the spice that we love so much.


Madagascan Vanilla is without doubt, one of the most prized vanillas in the world. The beans have that signature ‘vanilla’ flavour loved in premium ice cream and custards, with rich creamy and sweet notes. Whether you use our Single Origin Madagascan Vanilla Bean Paste or Pure Madagascan Vanilla Bean extract, one thing is for sure – your next batch of cupcakes, cookies, icing or panna cotta is going to taste like a chef has made it!

Vava’u, Tonga

The beautiful vanilla from Vava’u, Tonga has an earthy flavour and scent, liken to a heady mix of chocolate and rum. Highly versatile, its flavour lingers as a top note of pure vanilla flavour in baking. Try our Queen Finest Single Origin Vanilla Extract with Seeds from Vava’u Tonga in whipped cream, icings, custards, butter cookies and delicate savoury sauces or dressings.


Tahitian Vanilla has a lovely fruity, floral aroma. With notes of cherry and almond, this vanilla works especially well in fresh light desserts where vanilla is a supporting flavour, not a dominant one.


Mexico is the geographical home of Vanilla the world over. It was where the native bee lived to pollinate the vanilla orchid, long before hand-pollination techniques were adopted to allow other countries to grow vanilla. Nutty and spiced, though not as rounded as Madagascan vanilla, it is perfect for fruit-laden cakes or dabbling in savoury applications.


Strong, almost tobacco-like notes are the signature flavours of Indonesian vanilla. It is very strong and quite different to the creamy Madagascan vanilla profile loved in baking. Try using it in complex recipes alongside other rich flavours such as coffee, chocolate and dried fruits.

Papua New Guinea

Beautifully bright, Papua New Guinean Vanilla has the most gorgeous fruity flavour profile with hints of anise and cherry. It is for these qualities that we selected beans from PNG for our Queen Pure Vanilla Bean Pods. With thicker pod walls than other varieties, the pods are wonderful for steeping while the seeds are fantastic in baking and creamy desserts. Who can possibly resist a crème brulee made with such pure, rich vanilla bean pods? Not us, that’s for certain!

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