10 Pies We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off!

The days are getting cooler, and since we’re always in the kitchen, our thoughts are turning to pies! They are the perfect cold weather baking project for so many reasons. You get to enjoy the warmth of the oven, plus the unbeatable smell of caramelising pastry and sugar, and it’s so comforting and homey to have a slice of pie after dinner. Here are 10 beautiful pies from across the web, which we just can’t take our eyes off!




There’s no denying that America makes great pies! So to kick off the list, we’re starting with this beautiful, star spangled example from King Arthur Flour. Unlike in the USA, strawberries are actually a Winter crop here in Queensland, making this Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie the perfect choice for kitchen escapades at this time of year!





As delightful as the heat of the oven is at warming cold toes, a little splash of Bourbon in the pie goes a long way too! This beautiful specimen by Joy The Baker is a Pear Crumble Pie, spiked with Bourbon. We love how much fruit Joy manages to cram in here!




As much as this may look like a close up shot of a pop-tart, it’s actually a Blueberry Slab Pie from the ladies of Spoon Fork Bacon. This is just the thing if you’re one of those people who love the buttery crust just as much as the sweet filling (guilty!). Plus it’s a great way to feed a crows without having to bake extra pies!




Technically this is a tart…but the idea of this Chocolate Treacle Tart by Sugar et al was just too good to pass up! The taste of that dark sticky, chocolate-treacle filling sounds absolutely irrestible. Probably not somethig your dentist would condone, but you only live once!




Now, talk about a good looking pie! That braided detail is amazing on this beauty! Leave it to A Cozy Kitchen to take an already delicious-sounding Rhubarb and Pear Pie and turn it into a masterpiece. The beauty of baking pies in Winter is that the weather is cool enough that you can do things like this withe pastry, and it won’t melt!



Fruit pies are delicious, but there are some fussy folks out there who don’t love them. We still think those people deserve pie, so we give you this Caramel Whiskey Silk Pie from Climbing Grier Mountain. With an absolutely luscious sounding caramel filling and a toasted marshmallow top, this will definitely please all comers!




At the risk of including one-too-many boozy options in this list, this Salted Caramel Bourbon Apple Pie from The Sugar Hit is up next! With that burnished pastry, and the layers of tender, caramel-soused apple just waiting to be scooped up on a fork this pie is exactly the kind of tweaked classic recipe that friends and family will love. And if you want to, just leave the bourbon out (why not replace it with an extra measure of Vanilla?).




Blueberry Pie is so hard to find in Queensland! Perhaps because blueberries aren’t native here, they can be quite expensive. Lucky for us, frozen blueberries (especially Australian brands) can be very affordable, and make for a gorgeous pie. This Blueberry and Mint version from Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine seems like a perfect place to start.




Ah, the galette. The beautiful, open-topped pie from France, that is the lazy baker’s dream come true! No lining of pasty into tins, no crimping, no lattice-work crusts – just roll it out, pile on the fruit, flip over the edges and you will have a thing of beauty every time. These Strawberry Rhubarb and Rose Galettes from Bojon Gourmet sound delightful.




And finally, the little tiny take on a pie that is absolutely all over Pinterest at the moment – the Apple Puff Pastry Rose! If you thought that a galette sounded easy, these are even simpler – store bought pastry, and only a few minutes in the kitchen to produce something that looks like it comes straight from a French Patisserie window. These were created by The Kitchn, and will hopefully be in your kitchen soon!

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