The lovely Lisa Brown of Sweet Magazine shows us how to whip up a delicious batch of Salted Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream! Beautifully glossy and silky smooth, it spreads wonderfully over cakes and is easily piped into perfect peaks on cupcakes.


200g caster sugar

300g brown sugar

500g butter, soft, cubed

300g egg whites, from carton

1 tbsp Queen Salted Caramel Flavour for Icing


TIP: Swap Salted Caramel for Strawb’ry & Cream Flavour for Icing or Choc Espresso Flavour for Icing – whatever you taste buds desire!


Add the caster sugar, brown sugar and egg whites to a large bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water. Heat the egg white and sugar, stirring constantly, until the mixture is hot to the touch and the sugar has completely dissolved.

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Once the mixture is hot to the touch (or you’ve reached 60°C, and maintained that temperature for 5 minutes if you’re using fresh egg whites) carefully transfer the bowl to your stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Be careful as the bowl will be very hot and dripping with hot water. Use a dry tea towel to catch any drips as you move the bowl off the hot water. Beat on high until the egg whites are thick and hold a stiff peak, and the bowl has cooled down to room temperature.

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Switch the whisk attachment to the paddle attachment, and starting on a medium-low speed, add a few cubes of soft (but not melted) butter to the mixture and beat until combined. The butter will knock the air out of the egg whites. Repeat until all the butter is combined, then increase the speed and beat until the mixture is thick and light in colour. If the mixture is a little too sloppy, pop the mixture in the fridge for five minutes and beat again. Repeat until the mixture firms to a pipable icing. Add Salted Caramel Flavour for Icing and mix through.

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This recipe makes about 7 cups of buttercream, enough to ice one 20cm cake, or 12 – 24 cupcakes depending on how generous you are with your icing. Keep your buttercream in the fridge in an airtight container for up to one week. When you’re ready to ice, bring your buttercream to room temperature and beat with the paddle attachment for about 5 minutes until it’s soft and pipable again.

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