Vanessa from CakeStyleTV is one talented lady when it comes to buttercream piping. Join us to discover her secrets for creating beautifully textured Buttercream Flower Cupcakes using creamy pink buttercream icing. In her video, Vanessa will show you how to pipe Rose, Begonia and Chrysanthemum cupcakes.

Once you’ve mastered the flick of the wrist (or ‘windscreen wipers’, as Vanessa calls them) for creating the petals of these flowers, you will be converted to piping buttercream flowers forever!

To create these cupcakes at home, you will need:

  • Uniced cupcakes of your preferred flavour
  • 3 x plastic piping bags
  • 3 x smooth piping couplers
  • Piping tips in No.102, 104
  • Buttercream icing in your desired pink colours (your own recipe or our Buttercream Icing premix)

Here are a few stills from her video – hopefully this inspires you to give piped buttercream flower cupcakes a try sometime soon!

BC Flower Cupcakes Progress 2BC Flower Cupcakes Progress 5 BC Flower Cupcakes Progress 3BC Flower Cupcakes Progress 4  BC Flower Cupcakes Progress 6


Husband and wife duo, Vanessa and John from CakeStyle  are well known for their incredible cakes and fun, detailed decorating tutorials on YouTube.

To discover more of their amazing work, please visit the Cake Style website, YouTube Channel or Facebook page.

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