Why Vanilla is Way Better than Chocolate

There is no flavour in the world quite like vanilla. Rich, creamy, warm and thoroughly intoxicating, everything about it is indulgent, but at the same time comforting and reminiscent of home.

Here at Queen, vanilla is our world and reason for being. It is the heart of every recipe and for us, is certainly better than chocolate! Vanilla is often compared to chocolate in a flavour war, so to settle this debate we’ve listed the many reasons why vanilla is the clear winner

1. Vanilla is a universal flavour

If you flick through the pages of any number of recipe books, it’s safe to say that they will call for vanilla. Vanilla is a universal flavour and is used to flavour almost anything from cakes, cookies, slices and desserts to drinks, sauces and even savoury meals. A recipe without vanilla simply isn’t worth the effort – it accentuates the flavour of other ingredients, pairs wonderfully with other spices or is heaven as the hero flavour in an everyday cupcake or creamy custard. It adds a warming, sweet and rounded flavour that compliments anything it’s added to. Cocoa on the other hand, will overpower your recipe and taste like nothing but chocolate!


2. Vanilla makes chocolate taste better

Did you know that vanilla makes chocolate taste better? Way back in the 15th century, the Totonac Indians of the East Coast of Mexico, founders and keepers of vanilla, used ground vanilla beans to flavour “Chocolatl”, a drink made from water, ground roasted cocoa beans and honey. More than two thousand years later, the use of vanilla in chocolate is still strong. Vanilla really enhances the flavour notes of chocolate, without which it would be dull and a little flat. Would this vanilla vs chocolate debate even exist without the use of vanilla in chocolate? Read more about the fascinating history of vanilla.


3. Vanilla means versatility

Vanilla is versatile and dynamic and can be included in every meal of the day. Vanilla for breakfast? Add a splash of Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean Paste to your granola or porridge. Chocolate for breakfast? Not for us! Vanilla cakes, cookies and pastries – of course. Scoping out the pantry for great new flavours to add to your dinner? Vanilla has your back. Cured Honey & Vanilla Salmon is just one of our favourite recipes for adding vanilla to savoury cooking. Visit our Savoury Recipe Collection for more ideas. Lastly, dessert! Velvety ice creams and silky custards are what vanilla dreams are made of. Creamy ingredients are delicious companions for vanilla, allowing the full flavour profile to shine through.


4. Vanilla Ice Cream tops them all

Vanilla ice cream tops all other flavours, consistently ranking as the number one flavour, year after year. I scream, you scream we all scream for vanilla ice cream! Sorry chocolate, second place is where you belong.


5. Vanilla or Chocolate Magic Cake?

If you know our recipes well, chances are you’ve baked our Vanilla Custard Magic Cake. With three teaspoons of Vanilla Bean Paste and a creamy custard middle, it’s a vanilla lover’s dream. In order to give chocolate a chance, we’ve also created a Coconut Rough Magic Cake inspired by coconut rough chocolate. Which one is your favourite?


6. Vanilla as a fragrance

If we dare to move away from desserts and baking for just a moment, we’ll discover that vanilla is also extremely popular as a fragrance, body lotion and scented candle. Vanilla or chocolate scented candle? We know which one we’d rather.


7. Vanilla makes us happy

For many of us, the aroma or taste of vanilla triggers memories and emotions of our childhood. We were baking in the kitchen with Mum or Grandma when we first experienced the smell of vanilla, and are whisked back to that happy place with every whiff of our favourite ingredient. Read some of Australia’s beautiful memories of baking with Queen. 

Do you have another reason why vanilla is better than chocolate? We’d love to hear it! Let us know in the comments below or visit our Vanilla Recipe Collection to fall in love with the world’s most beautiful flavour.


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