Creamy, crispy, nutty and syrupy all at the same time, this classic creamy slice is topped with a crisp, flaky layer of nutty baklava goodness, then drizzled generously with a honey rose water syrup.

30 min
40 min



  1. 3 sheets frozen puff pastry, thawed
  2. 1 cup (120g) walnuts
  3. 2/3 cup (80g) pistachios (*or walnuts)
  4. 1 tbsp (30g) honey
  5. ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
  6. 40g butter, melted
  7. Extra melted butter (20g) to brush


  1. 250g caster sugar
  2. 90g corn flour
  3. 1/3 cup (50g) custard powder
  4. 2 cups (500ml) full cream milk
  5. 2 cups (500ml) thickened cream
  6. 2 tsp Queen Organic Vanilla Bean Paste
  7. 60g butter
  8. 3 large egg yolks

Honey Rose Syrup

  1. 1/3 cup (120g) honey
  2. ½ cup (110g) sugar
  3. 1 tbsp (20ml) lemon juice
  4. 1/3 cup (60ml) water
  5. ¼ tsp Queen Rosewater Flavouring (optional)

Method - Pastry

  1. Step 1

    Finely chop nuts, or pop them in the processor until finely processed. Combine honey, butter and cinnamon. Add mixture to nuts, mixing to incorporate.

  2. Step 2

    Preheat oven to 180°C (fan forced) and defrost puff pastry sheets. Line a baking tray with baking and place a sheet of puff pastry on top. Spread nut mixture over pastry then top with another sheet of puff pastry. Score the top sheet of pastry into 16 equal squares. Brush with melted butter, then cover with another piece of baking paper. Place another baking tray on top to prevent pastry rising too much during baking. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden. Bake another sheet of puff pastry between two baking trays for the base of the slice.

  3. Step 3

    Line a 23cm square tin with aluminium foil, extending it over the sides so you can use it as handles to remove the slice when cool. Place the sheet of pastry in base of tin.

Method - Custard

  1. Step 1

    Combine sugar, corn flour and custard powder in a saucepan, then gradually the milk and whisk until smooth. Add the cream and stir over medium heat until mixture boils and thickens. Reduce heat to low, add butter and Vanilla Bean Paste and whisk until butter is melted and mixture is smooth. Remove pan from heat, then whisk in egg yolks until combined.

  2. Step 2

    Spread custard over pastry in tin, then place nut layered pastry on top and allow to cool.

Method - Honey Rose Syrup

  1. Step 1

    Combine all ingredients, with the exception of Rosewater Flavour in a saucepan, bring to a boil, then simmer on low for 3 minutes. Add Rosewater Flavouring then pour over slice. Refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight.

Recipe note:
*you can use all walnuts in this recipe if you’d prefer.

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