Our Master Blended Pure Vanilla Extract

Established in 1897, our name ‘Queen’ was inspired by Queen Victoria’s love for vanilla and for a long time, Queen Victoria’s portrait featured on the bottles of Queen Vanilla Extracts. Many years and birthday cakes later, vanilla is still our world and reason for being.

To celebrate our 120th Anniversary, the team here at Queen are delighted to release a limited edition pure vanilla extract that culminates our long heritage in vanilla and gives you something truly special to bake with at home.

Now available in selected Woolworths supermarkets and in our online shop, we thought we would share a little bit extra about what makes Queen Celebrating 120 Years Master Blend Pure Vanilla Extract so worthy of your very best baking.

The Master Blend

Queen Vanilla – whether it is in a red, green or black bottle, or even our vanilla bean paste, is expertly created by master blenders, combining the aromatics and flavours of vanilla beans from different growing regions around the world.

“The flavour of vanilla differs with the area it’s grown, just like coffee, wine and chocolate”

Using their highly developed sense of taste and smell, our master blenders have been blending vanilla extracts using vanilla beans from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Madagascar, Mexico and Indonesia to create the signature “Queen Vanilla” profile, present in every bottle of Queen Vanilla we produce.

“Whether you bake with our original Vanilla in the Red Bottle, syrupy vanilla in the Green Bottle, or indulge in our new 120 Years Master Blend Pure Vanilla Extract, the flavour is the same signature Queen Vanilla taste and aroma.”

The Queen Vanilla flavour profile

For many Aussie bakers, the taste of our vanilla is not a complicated set of adjectives, Queen Vanilla simply tastes and smells like home. Do you agree?

In our article about what makes single origin vanilla so special, we explained how the flavours and aromas of vanilla from different growing regions vary. Keeping true to our original Queen Vanilla recipe, our 120th Master Blend Pure Vanilla Extract combines the spice and floral notes of Tahitian vanilla from our Vava’u Vanilla program with wood and chocolate flavours from prized Madagascan Vanilla beans. It is a strong, but delicate and balanced vanilla extract. You will find that different subtleties express differently, depending on your recipe.

The World’s Finest Vanilla

When we were planning to create this extract more than two years ago, we turned to our vanilla growers to source the strongest, sweetest, floral vanilla from our Vava’u Vanilla program and very best Madagascan Vanilla beans. Thanks to our long vanilla grower relationships, they offered us the pick of their crop and we have been keeping the beans until this special moment ever since.

Many times our master blenders were asked if these precious vanilla beans could be used in other Queen Vanillas, but they were adamant, these beans were so special that they must be exclusively reserved for our Celebrating 120  Years Pure Vanilla Extract.

What to Bake?

A lovely way to start enjoying this vanilla extract is to try it in your trusted family recipes. You will discover that while it is similar to the Queen Vanilla you grew up with; it makes your recipes tastes wonderfully full bodied with deep, strong flavour.

To highlight the intensity of this strong, pure vanilla extract, we have created a collection of heavenly vanilla recipes for you to bake and share with loved ones. From a Triple Vanilla Bundt Cake to a Deep Dish Custard Tart, or delicate vanilla thins, they’re all homely, comforting recipes designed to delight any vanilla lover (and convert a few chocolate fans too!).

From all of us here at Queen, thank you for taking us on your baking journey and joining you in some of the most special moments of your life.

The Queen Team

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