Is there anything sexier than a rich, silky, indulgent ganache? We think not! While ganache may seem like a simple enough recipe of warm cream and chopped up chocolate, mastering the perfect consistency and avoiding split chocolate is actually an art form.


Choose the highest quality cooking chocolate you can find – it really does make all the difference! Don’t choose the type you find in the confectionery aisle, as cooking chocolate is formulated specifically for all the heating and cooling that baking entails and is far less likely to go awry.

You can use chocolate melts, but as these have extra ingredients added, the final ganache may not set as firmly. The best rule to stick to? Block is best!

Make sure you chop the chocolate into small pieces to increase its surface area, making it easier to melt. A serrated knife works best, then add it to a heatproof bowl.


You don’t need to simmer the cream, it just needs to be warm enough to melt the chocolate. Be wary of adding cream that is too hot, as this will give the chocolate ‘heat shock’ and cause it to seize.


Add the warm cream to the chocolate, and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Don’t be tempted to stir, as this may cause the ganache to become grainy!

How to fix split ganache:

Our secret weapon for keeping things silky smooth is Glucose Syrup! It helps create that perfect glossy finish without watering down and removing the body from your ganache. Not only is glucose great for making your ganache look extra swanky, it’s a life saver for those times when your ganache splits. A few spoonfuls of trusty glucose is all it takes to restore your ganache to its silky glory!

Adding flavour:

Chocolate is a funny old thing – you can’t add too much liquid or it may seize, causing it to clump into a thick, dull paste. So how can we flavour it? Ah, the magic of Queen Baking Pastes! We have created these highly concentrated flavours specifically for baking, allowing you to add a bright burst of flavour to recipes with only a tiny volume of liquid. We’re highly partial to a splash of Raspberry Baking Paste in our dark chocolate ganache, but Cinnamon works wonders too!


Pourable Glaze

1 part chocolate: 2 parts cream

This is the perfect consistency for pouring over a cake or dessert. It’s also great whipped – let it chill for 1 hour, then whip with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Be careful not to overwhip, as this will lead to a grainy texture. If this does happen (we’ve all been there) simply reheat over a double boiler and use it as a glaze.


Cake Icing

1 part chocolate: 1 part cream

A deliciously rich alternative to buttercream! This consistency works perfectly for icing a cake, and provides enough stability when cool to hold up a layer cake.


Chocolate Truffles

2 parts chocolate: 1 part cream

The most indulgent consistency of all! Thick and almost fudge-like, this ganache recipe is perfect for rolling into truffles or using as a filling for sandwiches, macarons and whoopee pies.


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