Best Winter Bakes

As the balmy, warm days of Summer and Autumn start to turn into the chilly morning air of Winter, it’s only right that we rug up in a blanket next to our loved ones, and tuck into some delicious, comforting bakes. We hope you enjoy keeping out of the cold with these oh-so-sweet and super comforting desserts, as much as we enjoyed creating them!

1. Classic Vanilla Slice

A classic Vanilla Slice recipe with silky smooth custard and crisp puff pastry, this recipe is sure to be a crowd favourite! We’ve elevated it to the next level with the addition of our fragrant Queen Madagascan Vanilla Bean Extract.

Classic Vanilla Slice

2. Best Ever Chocolate Cake

Rich, moist and topped with fluffy chocolate buttercream, THIS is the perfect chocolate cake recipe you’ve been searching for. Sour cream creates an extra tender crumb, along with a dash of Vanilla to compliment those earthy chocolate notes.

3. New York Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

If there’s one dessert that makes people swoon, it’s a New York baked vanilla cheesecake. Give your next one the Queen Vanilla treatment with a dash of our Natural Vanilla Extract with Seeds, the taste will keep them coming back for more!

New York Vanilla Baked Cheesecake recipe

4. Chocolate Nutella Mousse Tart

This show-stopping Nutella mousse tart is completely decadent and delicious. Made of a rich hazelnut crust with Vanilla and a super creamy mousse, this tart is lush!

chocolate tart

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