Choosing the Perfect Vanilla for your Recipes

We know that choosing vanilla can be a little daunting at times. Read on as we help you decipher when to choose extract or paste for your recipes!

How many times have you stood in the baking aisle of the supermarket, unsure of which vanilla format to choose for your recipe? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there! Our handy guide to choosing the right vanilla ensures you’ve got the right product for two reasons:

  • Delivering a true, strong vanilla flavour to your baking and desserts
  • Balancing and highlighting the other flavours in your baking or dessert, chocolate, fruit or spices.

Should I choose Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Bean Paste or Vanilla Pods?

Consistency and intensity are the most important things when considering a vanilla format – extract, paste or pods.


For recipes that include a lot of liquid:

These recipes can easily use vanilla extract or paste, as the small amount of liquid doesn’t change the final result. We love vanilla extract in cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, even smoothies and sauces to give a supporting vanilla flavour, or vanilla bean paste for a strong, distinct vanilla flavour.

For recipes that contain a lot of fat:

As the fat in ingredients coats the inside of your mouth, a stronger vanilla is often needed to deliver an amazing vanilla flavour. For fudges and cream-based desserts, vanilla bean extract and vanilla bean paste are the best for a strong vanilla flavour that lingers beautifully.

For recipes that contain very little water:

A vanilla with less water content, such as vanilla bean paste or vanilla bean extract is ideal for recipes such as biscuits, meringues and firmer icings. This will ensure the texture of your final recipe isn’t compromised. Who wants running icing or deflated macarons – not us that’s for sure!


All our products have specific characteristics that make them perfect for each recipe you bring to life:


Queen Vanilla

Queen Organic Vanilla Extract

Made in the style of our first vanilla 120 years ago, this is our classic vanilla extract.

USE: Versatile for most recipes, especially in everyday cakes, slices and batter-based recipes, where a small amount of liquid won’t change the final result.


Queen Organic Vanilla Bean Paste

This vanilla is made with pure vanilla beans with no other flavours added, giving a strong, pure vanilla flavour with attractive vanilla bean seeds.

USE: Ideal in high fat recipes such as cheesecake, custard and whipped cream as well as low liquid or delicate recipes such as meringue, sponges and mousse.


Vanilla Extract New Zealand MadagascarMadagascar Vanilla Bean Extract

This certified organic, single origin vanilla extract is made with prized vanilla beans from Madagascar, one of the greatest vanilla growing regions in the world.
USE: You’ll love its distinctly woody and rich flavour in creamy desserts and baking.


vanilla Extract new Zealand MadagascarNatural Vanilla Bean Extract with Seeds

This natural vanilla bean extract gives a classic vanilla flavour.
USE: Perfect for everyday cakes, slices and batter-based recipes as well as the attractive appearance of vanilla bean seeds.




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