Join Antonella Veddovi, The Cake Girl as she shows us how to flood, pipe and create beautiful effects with Queen Royal Icing mix. In this video you’ll learn how to prepare the icing, pipe using a piping bag and flood cookies. If you’re new to working with Royal Icing, this is the video tutorial for you!

Here are some stills from the video – we hope you enjoy learning more about the many ways Royal Icing can be used for cake, cupcake and cookie decorating!

Royal Icing DecoratingRoyal Icing Decorating  Royal Icing DecoratingCapture4

Comments & Reviews

Is your Meringue & Pavlova Powder Mix the same as Meringue Powder or is it different, if different how so? I need Meringue Powder to make Royal Icing.


Hi Anita,

Our Meringue & Pavlova is different to meringue powder as it is a complete product with sugar added. We have tested a few tbsp in homemade royal icing with great success. We also have a Royal Icing product that can be found in major retailers.


Hi, can you tell me if you can use Queen Meringue and pavlova mix in a recipe for royal icing


Hi Robyn, we haven’t tried this ourselves yet! But we also make a Royal Icing Powder Mix available at Woolworths – just add water and mix 🙂

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