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If you’ve been following Queen on Instagram lately, you will have noticed we can’t resist liking, commenting and sharing spectacular cakes from around the world. Here is a round up of our favourite cakes this month, simply click the image to visit the Instagram account it features on!

Banana, chocolate & caramel cake with cream cheese icing & lolly gobble bliss bombs by The Cake that Ate Paris

This cake looks spectacular and it is achievable to recreate at home. All you need it a few layers of luscious banana cake crumb coated in white chocolate buttercream drizzle with salted caramel sauce and go crazy with your own decorations and fun crunchy bits.

Cake that Ate Paris

Rainbow Buttercream Ruffle Cake by FrancesMencias

Why we love it – it’s rainbow of course! This cake combines beautifully piped ruffles with rainbow colours and uses plenty of white icing to allow the rainbow to stand out. With a little practice, this technique is easy to recreate at home. Check out the Cake Style tutorial in our learn section and master ruffling for yourself!



Orange Crème Crepe Cake by inlovewithbrunch

Created for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, this gorgeous crepe cake is made that little bit special with the addition of fresh orange slices and festive bunting. It’s elegance at its best and would be wonderful accompanied by a Mimosa or two! Here’s the recipe.


My little Pony Cake by Katherine Sabbath:

Katherine Sabbath is one of Australia’s hottest decorators at the moment and we just happen to have an interview with her on our blog – check it out. This cutie is vanilla & chocolate sponge cake filled with Nutella ganache, chewy chunks of jersey caramel, vanilla bean buttercream, handmade candy spikes & pink Persian fairy floss. Need we say more?

Katherine Sabbath

Buttercream Sequin Ombre cake by SweetBloomCakes

Yet another amazing buttercream piping technique, we can’t wait to see this decorating technique more in everyday baking in the year ahead. The ombre pink colour makes this cake oh-so-pretty and the sugar flowers give it drama.



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