The rainbow baking trend is very much here to stay, from multi-coloured layer cakes to towering swirls of bright buttercream. Achieving this effect on cupcakes looks very impressive, but is actually very simple with the help of a few tricks!

First up, gather your tools;

Step 1

Divide your buttercream up into 5 bowls and add Queen Food Colour until you reach your desired shade.

Lay your plastic wrap out on the bench. Using a spoon, spread lines of each colour onto the plastic wrap. Don’t worry if your lines get a bit messy – you won’t see this once you start to pipe.


Step 2

Carefully wrap your buttercream up like a big sausage, keeping all the buttercream contained within your plastic wrap.

Try not to let it squish out the top or bottom!

Step 3

Using a sharp pair of scissors, snip one end of your buttercream sausage. This is the end that you will place into the piping bag first.

Twist the opposite end of the plastic wrap to help seal it off, preventing buttercream popping out the top when you begin to pipe.

Step 4

Place your piping nozzle into the piping bag, followed by your sausage of buttercream.

You’re all ready to pipe beautiful rainbow swirls! Before you start piping onto your cake or cupcakes, give it a quick test onto baking paper to make sure all the colours are coming out together.

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