Making these sweet little Beetle and Bee cupcake toppers at home is easy – just grab a few things from around the kitchen to cut out the shapes.

Tools & Ingredients



To make the beetle, cut a large round then use a smaller cutter to cut out the hole for the face. Use a knife to cut out a ‘v’ to make the wings. We used a straw to cut out little dots to form the beetle’s spots and some large white rounds for eyes.


Brush a little bit of water under each piece before assembling the beetle then gently press all the pieces together and leave it to dry for a few hours.

Beetle Progress


To make the bee you will need to cut one large yellow round and one black round the same size. To cut the stripes use the same round cutter used for the body and then cut some white rounds and black spots for the eyes and little antennae.


Assemble your bee brushing a little water under each piece before placing it on the base then gently press it all together and leave to dry.

Bee Progress

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