Red Velvet Love Cake - Jen M.

Red Velvet Love Cake (my name for it) was made for this first time on Valentines Day this year. I made this cake for husband and well for myself. I gave birth by c-section to a darling beautiful boy last year on the 24th September and this cake was the first time I felt able or wanted to do any baking. I sent my husband off to the shops with our son to give me some alone time in the kitchen to cook and create and bring to life my passion. Having a child for the first time, you give so much of yourself to that little person that you forget to love and look after yourself… Baking always takes me to a meditative state where I get lost in a world of colours and smells and tastes. There was nothing quite like the feeling of looking at the smile on my husbands face as I proudly produced this cake for him and our boy – our first valentines day together as parents as a family … Pure love! This is my new family tradition – for my very new family xx

We used a whole bottle of Pilar Box Red food colouring to get the most deepest red – it was a such a beautiful colour.

I would like to win a copy of Anneka’s book as I would like to learn to be a better baker, to cook with more confidence and to make wonderful creations for my friends and family.

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hasanyone got a good red velvet cake for me to make for a birthday cake for my future daugther in law


Hi Fiona, the cake recipe from our Red Velvet Cheesecake Trifle is fabulous! You can find it here: Hope that helps!

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