Kueh Lapis (Steamed 9 Layer Cake) - Alison L.

This is my family’s favourite ‘cake’. Kuih Lapis is a popular Malaysian dessert that is a staple at all our family gatherings. It’s actually a steamed cake and has nine layers. I used to love peeling the layers to eat it one at a time when I was a child. It has been our traditional family dessert for as long as I can remember.

It’s made by steaming each layer until it sets and then pouring another layer onto it. The recipe is simple but it takes time and patience to perfect. Food colouring is added to make it extra special. I used pink and red Queen’s food colouring this time. This is my first attempt at making it – it turned out better than I hoped!
I would love to win a copy of BakeClass because Anneka has always inspired me in the kitchen! I love her logical approach and her beautiful recipes.

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