Grandma Wilkinson’s Honey Biscuits - Lauren W.

For many years my grandmother used to make her signature honey biscuits at Christmas. When she passed away, my father and I decided to take over the tradition and have been making her honey biscuits every year for almost two decades. We love the chance to spend a day together baking and bonding and the honey biscuits are highly sought after by our family and friends! I would love to win a copy of BakeClass so I can try out some new recipes with my father and perhaps fine a recipe to make into a new tradition for years to come.

My grandmother’s recipe is simple but sweet and is essentially just eggs, flour, honey, sugar, spices and a splash of Queen Natural Organic Vanilla Essence-Extract. Combine these ingredients into a beautifully thick dough and roll it out to a few millimetres thick on a lightly floured surface. Cut into shapes (the more imaginative the better – in our family cats are always a favourite design!). Pop the biscuits on a tray and then bake them for around 8 minutes in a moderate oven. Once cooled they are scrumptious and last exceptionally well in an air-tight container.

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