Birthday Cake - Kaila F.

Our tradition is cooking at every available opportunity, and adding as many extras as humanly possible to boot. This is why Queen decorating products are so perfect for our family, because we don’t limit ourselves in terms of recipes or looks it means my daughter in particular is only limited by imagination. Icing decorations, writing fudge and soft sugar pearls tend to be used en masse for making even the simplest recipes far from plain. This picture is of a plain birthday cake we made for Daddy.

For this particular cake we overloaded on soft sugar pearls to make it look extra special. We used so many we had to make 2 cakes to spread them out a bit more. In the picture its hard to see, but we used plenty of icing fudge for squiggles and as cement to hold the lollies in place. The cake itself was a super simple sponge to balance out the hecticness of the icing and decorations.

Id love Bakeclass as like Angela we aspire to have as much as possible cooked from scratch at home and I want my daughters fondest memories to be baking together. We value the experience of cooking the food and who we make it for just as much as the end result. The method we used for the cake was keeping out of my toddler’s way! Once she got started there was no stopping her- just the way we like it. We don’t seek ‘perfection’ as to us the utter chaos and fun in making food for others is the true perfection

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