Big Birthday Bash! - Maddison H.

This recipe is my famous dark chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate meringue layered birthday cake! Pictured is my younger cousin at his birthday recently. There’s two layers of moist dark chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate meringue for the middle layer, all held together with peanut butter cream cheese icing with honey roasted peanuts on top of the icing. To top it all off, it’s crumb coated with the peanut butter icing to allow the beautiful dark chocolate cake to show through with decadent chocolate ganache drizzled on top and dripping down the side and mini chocolate meringues, chopped peanut slab and honey roasted peanuts for the garnish I first made this cake for one of my older brothers birthday in 2010 and since then I have been requested it every year off EVERYONE! The Queen products used in the recipe is simply just vanilla paste. I would love to win a copy of Anneka Manning’s ‘Bake Class’ so I can learn her unique techniques, step by step, to be able to bake brilliantly!

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