Anna’s Easter - Lynne T.

My mother in law came to Australia, from the Ukraine, as a refugee in 1950 with a husband, 2 small children and a very small suitcase containing their entire possessions. Money was tight, so every year she would boil eggs for her children and bake the Bulka and buns for the priest to bless, before being devoured on Easter Sunday. She did this for 53 years until she passed away. I loved eating her baking so much, that I have continued her tradition. Now I make the buns and bulka. I do her traditional plat and I experiment with another flavour. This photo shows a jam Roll – not too pretty, but it tasted good. (I am Australian, with Australian born parents and Grand parents. I love the European traditions and I don’t want to see them disappear.)

Hot Cross Buns – Vanilla Bean Paste in the dough and Gelling Powder in the Glaze.
Bulka – Vanilla Bean Paste and Natural orange Extract

I love baking and I am eager to learn more, so a copy of BakeClass by Anneka Manning would be absolutely fantastic.

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