Queen Royal Icing mix is a convenient way to prepare royal icing when you’re in a hurry. Here are a few tips for preparing, decorating and storing your royal icing creations.


TIP – Finished Treats: Store cakes and biscuits iced with Queen Royal icing at room temperature in cool, dry, dark conditions for 1-3 days for cakes, or in an airtight container for up to a month for iced biscuits. Icing will be dry and firm to touch.

TIP – Setting: Allow iced biscuits to set for at least 8 hours or overnight before storing, ideally in air conditioning or in front of a fan. Humidity will cause Royal icing to set slowly, giving a dull, porous surface and sometimes bumpiness. If possible, decorate in air conditioning or when weather conditions are more favourable.

TIP – Leftover Icing: Leftover prepared Royal icing can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. To prevent a crust forming, cover surface of icing with plastic wrap prior to sealing in airtight container.



TIP – Consistency: Queen Royal icing can be used for a range of applications by simply adjusting the consistency of it. Queen Royal icing is perfect for piping, flooding, icing cakes, decorating cookies and creating sugar decorations.

TIP – Banish Bubbles: Once thinned to desired consistency, always allow Royal icing to stand for five minutes to allow any air bubble to rise to the surface. Gently pop the bubbles and give a very gentle stir before use.

TIP – Flooding: Flooding consistency Royal icing can be prepared by adding additional water to Queen Royal Icing mixture during preparation. Icing is a flooding consistency when the line of a skewer dragged through the icing disappears after 15 seconds.

TIP – Medium Icing: Medium consistency Royal icing is ideal for lettering. Simply adjust royal icing consistency with additional water or icing sugar, a teaspoon at a time until soft peaks are held.

TIP – Firm Icing: Firm, or stiff Royal icing is perfect for creating borders, ruffles and sugar figures that have a 3D shape to them. The stiff nature of the icing allows texture and detail to be preserved and stops shapes from drooping. Adjust your Royal Icing mixture to a firm consistency by adding additional icing sugar to the mixture one teaspoon at a time.

TIP – Setting: To prevent icing setting completely hard, add 1-2 teaspoons of Queen Glycerine to the mixture when beating. This will still give a firm exterior finish but a softer texture underneath, ideal for biscuits.

TIP – Avoid Oil: Oil and Royal icing don’t mix. Be sure to prepare and store Royal icing away from any oily surfaces or bowls as this will prevent the icing from setting hard.



TIP – Clogged tips: Prevent hard or clogged piping bag tips by placing bags of icing tip down in a tall glass filled with a very small quantity of water when not in use.

TIP – Crust layers: Prevent crust layers forming on prepared Royal icing by placing a layer of plastic wrap over the surface of the icing. Discard any icing that has dried out and crusted before decorating.

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