Writing on a cake can be pretty daunting, but this handy little happy birthday plaque tutorial with our writing icing will ensure you achieve perfect results with ease!

Writing on a cake can be pretty daunting. You’ve gone to a lot of effort to bake the perfect recipe and ice it flawlessly and the last thing you want to do is make a mistake when you’re adding the finishing touches.

If you’re a little too nervous to write straight on the cake a plaque is a good option. You can perfect the message and then as long as you have a steady hand to place it on top of the cake, you’re all set. We’ll show you how to make a Happy Birthday cake plaque.

Happy Birthday Plaque




Using Dr.Oetker Ready to Roll Icing in your desired colour, knead the icing until it’s nice and smooth then roll it out to about half a centimeter thickness. Cut out your desired shape (for example a square, oval, heart, scalloped border). Set aside to dry for 12 hours, but ensure it still has some softness for tracing letters.


Once the plaque has firmed up but still has a bit of softness, print out a copy of the message you’d like to write then place the copy over your plaque. Make sure your whole message is going to fit.


Use something blunt such as the rounded end of a pencil to trace over the text to imprint it on your plaque.


Now all you have to do is follow the lines! Choose your writing icing colours and carefully write over your outline. Leave it to rest until the plaque is firm enough to lift (the longer the better) and then place it on top of your cake.

TIP: To make your plaque easier to lift after drying, transfer the fondant icing to a sheet of baking paper. Once the fondant and icing is dry, simply peel paper off the back of the plaque!



Birthday Plaque

Birthday Plaque 2

Birthday Plaque 3

Birthday Plaque 4


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