Think they’re just for baking with? Think again! Read on to discover how to use our much loved range of natural essences and extracts in savoury recipes and around your home.


BRANDY & RUM: Queen Natural Brandy Essence and Queen Natural Rum Essence are four times as strong in flavour of their alcohol spirit equivalents. They’re an effective alternative to the real thing and minimise the amount of liquid added to your recipes. 1 teaspoon of each equals 4 teaspoons of the alcoholic equivalent.

LEMON: Queen Natural Lemon Extract is a great replacement for lemon zest in recipes. Each bottle contains around the oil of around 10 whole lemons.

PEPPERMINT: Queen Natural Peppermint Extract can be used instead of peppermint liqueur in cocktails. Simply replace 2 tablespoons peppermint liqueur with 1 teaspoon Queen Natural Peppermint Extract.

ALMOND: Queen Natural Almond Extract can be used instead of almond liqueur in cocktails. Simply replace 1 tablespoon almond liqueur with 1 teaspoon Queen Natural Almond Extract.



COCONUT MILK: For a low fat coconut milk, simply mix two teaspoons of Coconut Essence with 1/4 cup of light evaporated milk or skim milk. It is ideal for curries, smoothies and low fat desserts.

RUM HOT CHOCOLATE: Add a few drops of Queen Rum Essence to hot chocolate and serve with marshmallows for a non-alcoholic winter warmer.

FLAVOUR BOOSTING: For a great depth of flavour, try layering a dish with both the fresh ingredients and a Queen Flavouring Extract, for example using freshly squeezed lemon juice along with Queen Natural Lemon Extract in a lemon curd recipe or combining real chocolate or coffee with coffee or chocolate essence in cakes and biscuits.

DRINKS: Add a drop of two of your favourite Queen Flavouring Extract to sparkling water for a refreshing drink instead of tap water.

DINNER: Queen Flavouring Extracts can be used to flavour savoury dishes as well – simply add a drop to rices, cous cous, pasta, sauces and stews.

ON THE GRILL: Combine a few drops of Lemon Extract with olive oil, crushed garlic and cracked black pepper and rub over chicken or lamb before grilling as a delicious marinade.



MASSAGE OIL: Half a teaspoon of Queen Natural Almond Extract can be added to massage oil to make it aromatic.

STRESS RELIEVER: Queen Natural Peppermint Extract can be used for its aromatic qualities. A few drops on your temples can help ease headaches and tension.

FRIDGE SPRAY: Create an aromatic bench and fridge spray by mixing Vanilla Extract with water in a spray bottle until your desired level or fragrance is reached.



Store Queen Extracts and Essences in cool, dry conditions away from heat and sunlight, such as the pantry.

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